Monday, September 14th, 2020

At his penthouse, Devon’s distracted to the point that the business-minded Nick declares him in ‘outter in space’. Devon confides that this is about Hilary – and whether she had a sister.

Amanda and Nate are at CL’s. The results are in an envelope that Nate hasn’t opened. No, she doesn’t want to read the DNA results alone – this could change everything, forever.

The escape club will fulfill your wildest dreams, Phyllis promises before ending a call. Jack’s at TGP to slide over a note – nothing is more important than finding love.

Running into Chelsea (at Society for takeout) Abby insists she sticks around – or does she not think the reporter sniffing around Adam a problem?? That gets Chelsea’s attention.

I was wondering if you were gonna show, Billy welcomes Alyssa to ChanceCom. He believes they can help each other – what do you think?

Summer’s brought Kyle and a very rare bottle of Victor’s favourite tequila to the ranch. Left alone for a minute, Kyle’s picked up a chess piece when Victor appears to warn that he’s in the middle of a challenging match – but of course he’d like to have a chat with the married man shacking up with his granddaughter.

Devon fills Nick in on Nate clicking in that Amanda might be Hilary’s sister. Who am I to get in her way? What if it’s true – what will this do to you? Nick has to ask.

I’m OK, Amanda just needs a minute. These results don’t change who I am, she’s clearly nervous. Nothing changes, Nate agrees. Opening the envelope, Amanda quickly reads the contents.

The situation isn’t ideal – but Kyle’s divorce should be finalized soon. Skeptical, Victor asks about Lola as he basically grills Kyle; who assures that he’s with the woman he’s meant to be with. Summer interrupts – there’s something her grandpa needs to know.

Back at TGP, Jack tells Phyllis about the old home movie that so moved him; a message from Dina (before she slipped back into her own world) No, Phyllis ain’t buying it – Dina’s not the warm and cuddly type; she loved her children but created an empire on another continent. The fortune you seek is in another cookie.

Seated at Society, Chelsea claims not to be concerned about Alyssa. Is everything OK? Abby offers to listen. She approached Chance. Abby’s only aware that Adam has a lot more going on than what happened in Vegas. If anyone comes after Adam, they have to get through me first, Chelsea’s firm.

Alyssa’s been thinking about Billy’s job offer – but if we both have a personal vendetta against Adam, there’s no one pumping the brakes. Billy’s not scared of anything; whatever the risk or cost, the truth must be told. Alyssa mulls over something her Father taught her – the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Only one way to find out, Billy replies.