Friday, September 11th, 2020

Sharon awakens abruptly from a vivid dream of an intense visit from Adam. Wow, she exhales.

What do you mean we can’t be together? Chelsea won’t accept that Adam has no choice but to leave her and Connor.

Wheeling his suitcase into his suite, Kyle finds a table set with candles and silver-domes. Summer greets him wearing nothing but his shirt and a seductive smile.

Having summoned Billy to CL’s, Jack wonders how he made it there first – I just texted you. Hearing that his brother was already there, Jack whines that he really needed some fresh air; a break and some good conversation. Both are delighted when Nikki and Vikki appear with the same idea. Billy jokes – two Abbotts, two Newmans walk into a coffee shop… Shall we grab a booth together? Jack suggests. Yes, Vikki says – as Nikki says ‘no’.

Oh, how Kyle and Summer have missed one another during their one and a half-day apart.

You’re here, Lola doesn’t look thrilled. Society is Theo’s favourite place – he didn’t think she’d be there since she said she was tired and going to bed. Lola just didn’t want to talk – but agrees it’s best they do.

No offense, Nikki just wanted some alone time with her daughter. None taken – whatever you order’s on Jack, Billy quips (then discreetly asks Vikki for a private word if she can get away for a minute)

Adam’s just doing what’s best for Connor and Chelsea – you must know we can’t be together. Chelsea won’t let what Adam did when he was a little kid tear them apart. It’s inevitable that you’ll leave me, Adam won’t budge.

On the patio, Nikki’s disappointed that Vikki won’t be trying Phyllis’ escape club and insists she hears about how Victor’s handling this whole Adam thing (though Vikki doesn’t want to hear it)

Billy updates Jack that buying Newman Media has jump-started ChanceCom; as has hiring Traci, Theo and the soon to be very busy Amanda. Jack immediately suspects Billy might be up to something illegal.

We just need to go slow and work through this, Chelsea insists. Adam disagrees – he knows what’s going to happen. Chelsea won’t be pushed away – nothing will come between us. It already has, Adam will be back for his things. I won’t lose you again, Chelsea’s words barely slow Adam’s exit.

At Society, Theo wants to know just how mad Lola is. She’s calmed down; both are frustrated by their miscommunication and recognize that they have different personalities. Her being serious, him carefree.

‘Wow’ Kyle appreciates his welcome home. He and Summer then prattle on about their house, naming their three dogs – getting married and having babies.

Sharon skips past the screensaver photo of her and Rey to send Adam a text; wondering when he can talk. Just like in her dream, Adam walks through her front door to announce ‘I can talk now’.

Yes, Theo does believe their relationship’s transactional – listing how he and Lola complement each other; it’s give and get. So, I get this wonderful guy – you get Kyle’s ex? ‘Yeah, bonus’, Theo blurts out. This is all about Kyle! Lola storms off.

Kyle wants to make things official with Summer; do things right this time (when he’s divorced that is) Both want to be together forever and agree to be secretly engaged. I love you. I love you too.