Friday, September 18th, 2020

At CL’s, Elena takes her bad mood out on Nate and confides that she walked in on Devon telling Amanda that Hilary was the love of his life.

At the penthouse, Devon listens to numerous messages from Amanda – all but pleading with him for information about her sister. She’s delighted when he finally texts her back – come over, let’s talk.

Sharon’s at home on her phone confirming that her surgery’s scheduled for next week and trying to remain positive.

Nick joins Jack at Society to chit chat about Faith being a champ, Sharon’s fighting with all she’s got. Kyle and Summer are busy planning their move. Nick admits he has concerns that Jack’s son will break his daughter’s heart.

At the park, Kyle and Summer have both had the same idea (and have rings in a little box) Lola just so happens to be lurking in the shrubs to witness the happy couple.

Lola watches as Summer gushes about her cherry stem engagement ring – she’s never been happier. Both get on bended knee and open their boxes to say in unison; will you marry me?

Sharon agonizes about her cancer spreading, then reads a title on her phone – The Power of a Positive Attitude. Huffing, she tosses her phone on the couch.

Back at CL’s, Elena knows Nate’s not to blame and that she’s not the only one dealing with this new reality; the inextricable bond between Devon and Amanda; their energy made her feel like the outsider. Nate reassures. Elena told Devon to stay away from Amanda but doubts he can. Meanwhile, Devon opens the door when Amanda arrives.

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Kyle explains that the big stone represents Summer’s passion and huge heart, the smaller stones around it signify the many steps they took to get here. Summer says a few gushy words too. Neither have ever been more sure of anything.

Kyle’s in this for the long haul, Jack’s decided to remain optimistic. A pessimistic Nick isn’t sure they’ll last long enough to receive the housewarming gift Jack wants to give them.

When Mariah comes home to say that she dropped Faith at the park, a disagreeable Sharon’s annoyed that her orders weren’t followed – and sends her off to see Tessa. Is everything OK? Rey comes in to ask. No.

Amanda apologizes for being insensitive during her last visit – she was just so eager to learn about her sister. Devon understands and wants to honour what Hilary would want. In agreement, Amanda thinks they both want the same thing.

Jack’s sorry to hear about the problems between Nick, his sister, and Victor (due to Adam) Nick thinks things will get worse instead of better but only hopes that his brother leaves Sharon alone.

Sharon tells Rey about lashing out at Mariah. She couldn’t help herself – her life is out of control. Nothing helps. A supportive Rey says all the right words. Sharon’s sorry she pushed him away.