Monday, September 21st, 2020

Strolling through Chancellor Park, Phyllis is grateful to have spent time with Christian, and his Father. Nick wants to get all the kids together – maybe make it a weekly thing. It’ll be awesome – but first, he has some things to do (so leaves)

At the penthouse, Chelsea’s been listening in on Billy all day – he hasn’t mentioned Adam once. We have something much more important to address, she tells him.

Amanda’s at ChanceCom, thanking Billy for seeing her. She appreciates what info Devon’s given her but wants more. I’m all yours, Billy says – I mean, I’m on your side.

Devon’s moping at the penthouse when Nate stops by to check on him; we haven’t talked since learning that Amanda is Hilary’s twin. Nate knows how Elena and Amanda feel – but is more concerned with how Devon feels.

The only important thing Adam wants to discuss is what to have for lunch. Chelsea wants to talk about sending Connor to boarding school. Adam isn’t exactly comfortable with it but agrees they can tell Connor the news – and convince him that boarding school will be fun. He goes out to pick up some of Connor’s favourite snacks to soften the blow.

How does it feel to be the sole owner of this place? Summer asks Phyllis at TGP. Good – but she’s very busy. She then notices the engagement ring hanging from Summer’s neck – are you out of your mind!?

Nick bumps into his Father at Society. He had a meeting – with Jack. Victor declares ‘that man’ a bore – what’d you talk about? Kyle and Summer. They came by the ranch the other day, Victor made it clear that he doesn’t approve. When Adam arrives, Victor quips – look at this, a Newman family reunion.

Phyllis lectures Summer – what’s the rush? Kyle isn’t even divorced yet. Summer wants kids and a life with Kyle. It’s not that simple – marriage takes work (Phyllis has screwed up enough to know this is a mistake)

Devon confides to Nate that Amanda deserves answers – but he can’t let things go further because Elena doesn’t like it. He also wants to do what Hilary would want him to do (and is failing all three)

An emotional Amanda relays Hilary’s selfless letter to Santa. When Billy points out that there are other people knew Hilary that she can talk to, Amanda doesn’t think they know her history. As a newborn, she was left at a fire station so knows nothing about her parents. Encouraged by Billy, Amanda opens the envelope containing Hilary’s birth certificate.

Per Hilary’s birth certificate, she was born in Illinois, Why was Amanda dropped off at a fire station all the way in Madison? Billy agrees that it makes no sense – we’ll get to the bottom of it.