Thursday, September 17th, 2020

Having planted a bug at ChanceCom, Chelsea’s caught by Billy. She was just about to leave him a note and was really there to see Theo (about promoting her fashion line) His plate’s pretty full, Billy’s left to frown and look suspicious.

Chelsea? You home? Adam comes home to find the penthouse empty.

At home, Sharon types out, then deletes several texts messages to Adam, finally settling on ‘I know you think we crossed a line but I needed that as much as you did Vikki drops by to see how Sharon’s doing. No, it’s not a bad time (Sharon puts her phone away, visibly disappointed that Adam hasn’t replied)

Strolling through the park, Phyllis raves about how good it smells. Nick raves about their love. It feels different this time, she jokes. Nick won’t let Phyllis minimize her feelings – this is as real as it gets.

Now home, Chelsea activates the bug she planted at ChanceCom and listens in on her phone as Billy summons Theo into the office for an explanation on his interaction with Chelsea. Was I wrong to bring her here? No, it’s fine – no harm done, he assures. Chelsea smiles.

Vikki enquires about Sharon’s health, then her helping Adam. Sharon can’t discuss it. Vikki understands. She appreciates Sharon helping her become her old self after her injury – but helping Adam become a different person is entirely different; an impossible project.

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As Chelsea continues to listen, Billy wraps things up and sends Theo on his way when Alyssa arrives to update that his PI found the missing guy’s wife in Vegas. She’s agreed to go on record. Billy blathers on about the need to expose Adam; shine a light on his darkness. What are you listening to? Adam appears to startle Chelsea.

Informed that Chelsea’s planted a bug at ChanceCom, an impressed Adam asks her to download the app onto his phone. About to do so, Chelsea sees and reads aloud the text from Sharon.

Sharon can’t talk about confidential stuff with Vikki (who thinks flying to Kansas was going above and beyond for Adam) Nikki knows because she flew on Victor’s jet. It IS her business – the entire family’s concerned about your well-being but not Adam’s. He’s your brother, Sharon admits that he’s made mistakes. Listing a few of Adam’s crimes, Vikki thinks it only a matter of time before he strikes again. Sharon now realizes she’s fishing for information.

Disappointed that she won’t get to meet Lily today, Alyssa’s assured that she’s being kept in the loop. After what Chelsea and Adam put her through, Billy understands why she’d be wary. He’s committed to telling the true story but worries Adam’s on to them. We need to send someone to Vegas to talk to this woman. Insisting she be that someone, Alyssa leaves to make travel arrangements.

Phyllis points out a cloud that looks like a shark – it’s perfect. You’re perfect, Nick quips – now for some food. He’s in the mood for room service. But first, some talk about all the wonderful things in their lives.

Vikki knows Sharon can’t reveal confidential information – unless a client poses a threat to someone else (right?) She’s then surprised (and relieved) to hear that Sharon no longer treats Adam. Vikki knows it must have been a hard decision but Adam’s not going through this alone, he has Chelsea.