Friday, October 2nd, 2020

Nate and Elena have sex at the clinic.

At TGP, Amanda makes a toast – to Hilary and the path that lead me to her. Devon also makes a toast – to taking a chance and letting new people into your life – ‘you never know what’s going to happen’, they clink glasses.

Wearing only her lab coat, Elena runs out of the exam room; looking stunned and full of regret. From the doorway, a bare-chested Nate watches.

What can Chloe do to get her beautiful baby boy out of her belly – do you want a golden rattle? Cashmere teddy bear? Anything to get you out tonight. Kevin’s voice is heard – throw in a convertible with driver and we’ve got a deal, he jokes.

Closing up CL’s, Mariah attempts to distract Faith with her chatter. Ignore the internet trolls, focus on people who have your back. Faith feels she shouldn’t even be thinking about her problems (with Mom’s surgery tomorrow)

Her bag packed, Sharon remembers wishing her first surgery would take all of the cancer away. This time we’ll wish for the grace and strength to handle what comes next, Rey’s supportive.

You’ll evacuate the premises for a high-end vehicle? Chloe plays along. Hiding behind the sofa, Kevin smiles as Chloe gushes about him. We’re one helluva team, Kevin’s confident – let’s get this little guy moving – together.

Over drinks at TGP, Devon and Amanda laugh as they bond over talk of Hilary. I won’t be having my own show anytime soon – or a baby, Amanda’s laugh is cut off – I’m sorry for sticking my foot in my mouth like that. Please, say something, she appeals to Devon.

Hurriedly dressing, Elena cries – what did I do!? I love Devon. I do too, he’s family, Nate replies. This is senseless and will never happen again, she wails. Of course not, Nate agrees and promises he’ll never say a word. After Elena runs out, Nick arrives to ask if everything’s alright. It’s been a long day, Nate says as he puts on his shirt. Tell me about it, Nick replies.

Nate wasn’t expecting anyone. I guess you weren’t, Nick’s suspicious. Elena and I had a rough night, Nate talks about Jared – and how a situation like that makes you second guess yourself. Guessing that’s why Elena ran past him without saying anything, Nick offers to listen over beers – if Nate wants to talk about what happened tonight. No thanks, Nate needs to decompress.

Elena tiptoes into the penthouse – Devon? Realizing that she’s alone, the tears flow.

You have nothing to be sorry about, Devon says this is another way Amanda differs from Hilary; she rarely apologized. Amanda likes who she grew up to be and hopes Rose and Hilary are proud of her. Devon jokes with his ‘sister in law once removed from birth’. Let’s stick with ‘friends’, they agree.

Back at CL’s, Mariah knows Sharon would tell Faith to live her life. Next year Mom will get a clean bill of health. Sooner or later we’ll forget how crappy this was. We can survive anything – together. Mariah’s surprised when Faith declines a brownie – she has studying to do. Not buying it, Mariah excuses herself to send a text – remember how you said if I ever need help just asK? Help.

Having put Sharon’s bag by the door, Rey somehow detects that she has something to tell him. Do I need to take this interrogation to the next level?