Monday, October 5th, 2020

Lily’s at the penthouse to catch up with Devon; who she’s been worried about. Why did I have to hear from Billy that Amanda’s Hilary’s sister?

Billy’s on his phone with Amanda – what happened in court? I knew I could count on you, he smiles.

At the penthouse, Adam complains to Chelsea that the Judge dismissed his case against ChanceCom (and Victor’s) Billy must have paid him off. Chelsea warns him not to fly off the handle – it’ll be bad for me too. Did something happen? Adam’s puzzled.

On the CL’s patio, Jack and Traci gripe about Billy’s story. Jack talked to Ashley; she’s not bothered by it. He also has an update on the Teardrop of Love necklace – we’re closer to tracking it down thanks to a lead from an unlikely source.

Summer and Kyle are in a hotel suite in Chicago. After a great night, they’re ready to pick up their license and get married tomorrow.

At the office, Vikki gets a couple of texts from Phyllis (who needs to see her; it’s important) She gets a ‘rude’ reply (Vikki has no time for her) Nick arrives at TGP to tell Phyllis that Sharon’s ready for her surgery; Faith was asleep when he called. Poor kid’s been put through the wringer. Phyllis has an idea to pitch to Vikki (but won’t tell Nick for fear of jinxing it)

Astounded to hear that Victor pointed Jack in the right direction, Traci’s told that he wasn’t able to buy the necklace years ago; a company called Bohdi bought it. Jack thinks it has something to do with enduring love and hopes to find it (for Dina)

Back in Chicago, Summer and Kyle are having second thoughts – it doesn’t seem right getting married without their parents there.

Devon’s sorry he didn’t call Lily; who reminds him that she’s responsible for Hilary’s death and found it ‘jarring’ to learn that she’s working with her twin sister. Devon’s had a lot to deal with; helping Amanda, reassuring Elena.

Lily’s memories of Hilary came flooding back so worries how Devon’s managing. Glad to hear that he’s in a good place, she advises him to focus on that. Getting a call from Billy, a relieved Lily tells Devon that Amanda managed to get the lawsuits against ChanceCom thrown out.

Chelsea doesn’t want Adam to overreact – but due to the story, influencers and celebrities are calling to cancel helping her launch her new fashion line. While she blames Billy, Adam blames himself – it’s my fault our lives are going to hell.

Nikki thanks Nick for coming (to the ranch) Both hope Sharon’s surgery goes well. Your Father’s enraged that his lawsuit was thrown out – and at Billy – and Vikki. They’ll reconcile, Nick’s sure. Nikki’s not so sure – maybe not this time.

Phyllis is sure that once Vikki hears her proposal for a joint business venture, she’ll be glad she barged into her office.

Summoned to Society to meet Jack, Lauren announces that Chloe went into labour last night. After a brief mention of Billy and his article, they discuss the necklace. The company that bought it was owned by Neil Fenmore, Jack was able to find out. Lauren hasn’t seen the necklace but will go through the boxes she inherited from her Father (now in storage) asap.

Agreeing with Summer that perhaps they shouldn’t elope, Kyle knows what to do.

Nick tells his Mom not to worry about Victor – he’s more worried about Faith (and Nikki) She’s already talked to Vikki – it didn’t go well.