Thursday, October 1st, 2020

Vikki’s glad her Dad came by the office – to clear the air. Knowing she saw Billy Boy and the reporter, Victor accuses her of being behind the hatchet job. Are you the one who betrayed me?

At Society, Jack’s appalled by what Billy’s article has done to poor Faith. The article was true – and it won’t break Ashley. She thinks Adam a sociopath. She too is sorry about Faith, but whatever happens to Adam, he had it coming.

‘Take your best shot’ a cocky Billy invites. His smug smile slips slightly when Adam explains that he was an 11-year-old boy protecting his blind Mother from a predator.

Sharon puts her phone away when Rey comes home to update that the Kansas police have asked the GCPD to investigate what happened in Kansas; the main focus is Victor. He now knows that Sharon was helping Adam deal with killing a man when he was a boy. He should be in prison for all he’s done – but you don’t see it that way.

In their suite, Summer and Kyle are ready to go public with their engagement. Neither needs a big wedding but Summer isn’t onboard with Kyle’s suggestion that they elope.

Napping on the couch, Elena dreams that Devon and Amanda are in love. Are you OK? a concerned Devon gently shakes her awake.

It was just a bad dream, I’m fine, Elena assures Devon. When Nate calls to summon her to the clinic, she thanks Devon for understanding. He’ll find something to amuse himself. Love you. Love you too, her cool behavior leaves him worried.

Billy’s not impressed with Adam’s claim that he didn’t know what he was doing. Victor’s always covered for you – even when you ran over my daughter like a dog. Billy wanted the world to know what Adam’s capable of. Both he and Victor can burn in hell. You don’t have a clue what you’ve unleashed. Adam will sue ChanceCom into oblivion. Try it, Billy’s working on a sequel.

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Unapologetic, Vikki whines about her Dad always fighting for Adam. That said, she had no idea how much blowback there’d be for her Father, or that Faith would be dragged into it. Vikki’s sure Newman won’t suffer – Adam being exposed means it won’t fall into his hands again. Victor would see that if he wasn’t so focussed on his damaged son. If Newman tanks because of this, Victor will make sure Vikki’s stripped of everything.

Rey doesn’t want Adam to come between him and Sharon again but would like her insight. He’s done some terrible things – but – she believes what happened to him as a boy was the catalyst. Victor and Hope didn’t get Adam help as a boy. Yes, she believes there’s good in him. Rey fears Sharon’s capacity to forgive Adam will come back to haunt her. She believes that everyone deserves compassion.

Jack changes the subject with Ashley. Look at the necklace Dina’s wearing. Exquisite, Ashley admires the photo on Jack’s phone. She’s heard about the Teardrop of Love (from Victor) Jack’s determined to know what Dina’s trying to tell them.

Summer wonders if Kyle wants to elope out of sensitivity to Lola. No, that didn’t cross his mind – this is about us. Leaving town makes sense (partly because of Billy’s article) Exchanging I love you’s, Summer agrees. Both have a few things to wrap up before heading on their road trip. Closing the door, her excitement quickly fades.

The patients all tended to, Nate thanks Elena for coming in. She’s glad to be there – so she doesn’t have to think about Amanda, or Devon thinking about Amanda. Even when we’re alone, even when we’re … Her words are cut off when Jared falls through the door almost passed out.