Monday, October 5th, 2020

Phyllis would like TGP to be the exclusive destination for Newman Enterprises’ guests, clients etc. She’ll offer discounted rooms (to be paid in advance she mentions twice) Vikki already has an arrangement with the GCAC and after stringing Phyllis along for a bit says that she won’t do business with her.

Phyllis scolds Vikki for rejecting this amazing opportunity because of her emotions – think about it. On her way out, she rapidly updates Nikki – hoping she can get her daughter to see the light. Vikki and her Mom are then left to apologize to one another for the way their last conversation ended.

When Lily arrives at ChanceCom, Billy wonders where she’s been all morning. She’s been with Devon but would rather talk about business. That’s fine with Billy – readership of the article is through the roof so he wants to publish a sequel. Not willing to push their luck again with more lawsuits, Lily’s a firm ‘no’ but smiles flirtatiously when hearing that Billy has another idea; one she’ll like.

Adam knows that Chelsea must be thinking of how smoothly her life would be without him; Connor would be here, your new business would be thriving. Alarmed when Chelsea lets it slip that Connor’s being bullied in school, he rants; if Billy wants to paint him as a monster, he’ll get a monster.

No, we aren’t chickening out by emailing our parents instead of calling them, Kyle assures. He and Summer read their flowery emails to each other, then hit send. Having agreed to not check their phones for replies, Kyle leaves his unattended. Summer’s devastated to read messages between Lola and Kyle – he’s worried about her. That means a lot to Lola.

Back at Society, Jack thanks Lauren for listening; it helps to talk to a friend. Good thing you have me on speed-dial, Lauren jokes. Getting a text announcing that Chloe had her baby boy, an excited Lauren hurries out. Seconds later, Jack receives a text. Oh Kyle, he sighs.

At TGP, Nick tells Phyllis to check her phone – Summer and Kyle are eloping. No! Where are they?! Tomorrow!? Good God no, Phyllis is horrified.

Kyle’s back with a small gift-wrapped box. No phones, right? he doesn’t want anything ruining this moment. Summer doesn’t need to open it to know that it’s perfect; just like our life together will be. Exchanging I love you’s, Summer’s smile doesn’t reach her eyes.

Phyllis is near tears telling Nick that she wasn’t supportive when Summer came to her yesterday – and she knows you’re not onboard. No, she’s not blaming Nick, but it’s a factor. Phyllis understands that he has a lot on his plate right now. You deal with Sharon and Faith – I’ll handle this.

Jack leaves a message for Kyle – come back so we can discuss this. I love you, son. He’s not surprised when Phyllis calls and agrees that Kyle and Summer are making a mistake. What are we going to do about this? she asks (as Nick frowns in the background)

Nikki knows that Vikki didn’t intend for Billy’s article to hurt her Father or anyone else in the family – but you do need to take some responsibility. You’re right, Vikki admits that she was so focused on punishing Adam that she didn’t consider the fallout for Dad. Hoping Vikki will try to repair the relationship, Nikki adds that it’s too bad that Abby doesn’t still own TGP. That would be an entirely different proposition, Vikki looks like she has an idea.

Since it’s too busy to celebrate with champagne, Billy’s brought Lily to CL’s for lattes. He shouldn’t have published the story without running it by her. Lily gently scolds him – as partners, we need to make decisions together. Billy promises full transparency from now on. Besides his kids, their friendship/partnership is the most important thing in his life. As he goes to buy 17 chocolate scones, Lily again looks smitten.

Adam and Chelsea’s conversation now turns into a loud argument (over what he plans to do to Billy) We’re supposed to be a team, she wails. Do what you have to do, I’ll do the same, Adam marches upstairs – leaving Chelsea to fume.