Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

Billy’s not surprised when Chelsea shows up at ChanceCom demanding an explanation. Calling her out on planting the bug, he wonders why she’s mad at him instead of Adam. The Chelsea he knew wouldn’t have been played so easily.

Chance is at the penthouse fretting about being identified as the federal agent in the article Billy published. No one will figure it out, Adam’s sure. Paul did, Chance snaps.

Mariah’s at Society for a much-needed drink. Abby heard from Nick that Sharon’s surgery went well. Yes, but Mariah’s still terrified.

Rey’s brought Sharon home from surgery. After Faith goes to get her Mom tea, they talk about how she’s doing. She was quite, on her phone today, Rey assumes she was talking to friends. She’s happy about me moving back on, Rey chirps. After he goes upstairs, Sharon doesn’t look as happy about that.

Abby and Mariah bond over their Mother’s having breast cancer and being pissed that Billy published a story that involved Ashley and Faith (and Adam’s baby swapping scheme) Yes, a girls night surrounded by all the people that care about her might help, Mariah agrees.

Sharon doesn’t mind that Faith didn’t say goodbye to her because she slept in this morning. Yes, a few kids at school mentioned the story but it’ll blow over, Faith claims. Encouraged to go hang out with Mariah, she goes upstairs to get ready.

My love for Adam isn’t warped, Chelsea argues. Your whole life is about vengeance – risking your employees’ livelihood, your Mother’s investment, she snarls Reckless is kinda my thing, Billy quips – it’s too late to retract the story that’s already all over the Internet. She always hated ‘Billy Boy’ calling her ‘Chelse’. Adam is a monster, Billy concludes.

Chance updates Adam – Paul asked if he was the agent in the story. He didn’t need to ask anything else and can read between the lines (so probably doesn’t want to hire him now) Adam will have his back – just like he did in Vegas. Chance then gets a text from Paul (and goes to meet him) Now alone, Adam makes a call – I’m ready now; is Billy in the office? I don’t care who he’s meeting – just get into position and I’ll give you the signal.

Sharon calls Mariah to let her know that Rey’s taking Faith to CL’s. She doesn’t quite seem herself. Abby rejoins her – she can’t go to meet Faith at CL’s because Chance has to meet Paul (who knows he’s the agent in Billy’s story) Mariah thinks Paul might give Chance a second chance (as he did Rey) He’s a good thing, she says in parting.

Mocked for being played by Adam, and insisting he’s different now, Chelsea Chelsea rants – Connor’s in boarding school thanks to you. He’s bound to come across the story. Yes, he’ll one day learn the truth about his Dad, Billy concedes, We both know this is about Delia – would she be proud of you. If Chelsea knew how vicious Billy and Vikki would become, she’d never have let them adopt Johnny. After she huffs out, Billy’s left looking guilty.

Adam gets a text – in position. ‘Go’, he replies and runs out.

Was that Chelsea Lily saw getting on the elevator. Yes, Billy confirms. The lights flicker – much to the displeasure of Chelsea (in the elevator)

Paying Sharon a visit, Nick’s glad that Faith’s spending time with Mariah and not sure they should hire a therapist. Neither is impressed with Billy or Adam.