Friday, October 9th, 2020

Tessa feels awful. Maybe Lola will be OK. I’m fine, Lola returns to say. No more talking about Kyle – more dancing and drinking (though Tessa’s cut off) All clam up when Kyle walks in,

Jack’s at TGP with Phyllis. He assumes Kyle and Summer are on their honeymoon. No – Kyle’s here, Phyllis updates. He must be devastated, Jack’s worried. Summer’s the one who’s devastated, Phyllis is sure Kyle did something to make her run away.

Sharing her woes, Chelsea might have to shut down the clothing line. Worse, I had to send my baby to boarding school – to keep him safe. Chloe’s sorry her friend’s in pain but the sooner you see Adam for who he is, the better. Focus on Connor and moving forward. Wanna hold the baby? Chelsea’s mood brightens as soon as she picks up the bundle of joy.

You should go home to Chelsea, Sharon says. She doesn’t believe in me, Adam complains – she sees the darkness in me, You see the good. That’s why I never stopped loving you. You don’t mean that, Sharon haltingly explains that Adam’s shutting off his feelings and his history with Chelsea. Adam knows that Sharon will never love Rey the way she loves him. You and I were meant to be.

You’re the last person I expected to see tonight, Kyle doesn’t get a warm welcome at Society – go back to your honeymoon. Sorry, see you later, Kyle murmurs. Lola invites him to have a shot – we were celebrating my freedom. I came through this in one piece, just like you. Kyle thought Lola was off tonight – I’ll go (he leaves with his tail between his legs)

Despite the beautiful, seductive words, Sharon can’t be ‘that’ for Adam. No, she can’t compare her feelings for Rey to what she and felt for Adam but Rey gives me strength whereas with you things are just… complicated.

This is getting old, Billy isn’t thrilled when Chelsea shows up at ChanceCom (but does ask how her head is) She just came from visiting Chloe’s baby and it made her realize that she’d like to spend some time with Johnny. What!? Billy’s astounded.

Jack defends Kyle; Phyllis defends Summer (both are sure THEIR kid’s responsible for whatever transpired) Phyllis has been trying to reach Summer all day. On cue, her phone pings – a message from Summer!

Therapy on the patio continues. Because of that article, Sharon had to try to justify what Adam did (to Faith) Adam pleads for one more chance to redeem himself; I want to be a better person, for you. Sharon just survived a second cancer surgery – she wants to focus on her life; a life with Rey. Bye – she leaves Adam devastated.

A worried Chloe claims she’s not worried. As rough as Kevin’s childhood was, he had a beacon of light; a neighbour who’d give him a place to hide sometimes. This hero’s name? Myles. It’s perfect, Chloe snuggles the infant in her arms.

You want to see Johnny? Where’s this coming from? Billy’s aghast – You’ve shown no interest in him since you gave him to me and Vikki to raise. He’s my biological son, you should tell him, Chelsea feels that she has a right to know him. Maybe I can take him for a weekend. Billy almost explodes. OK a few hours at the park. No, that’s not happening – do you understand me? Billy snarls ‘leave!’

Rey turns the TV off as Sharon comes home to blurt out that he should ask her to marry him.

Phyllis reads Summer’s text to Jack. I’ll be fine. I just need to figure things out for myself. Despite Jack’s optimism, Phyllis frets – the last time Summer took off like this she was gone for ages, then came back to steal a car. What’ll it be this time?

Did Kyle seem off to you? the ladies wonder. Why would he come here alone after getting married? He realized he married Summer, Tessa quips. Who cares about Kyle? Lola just wants to dance.

At TGP bar, Billy asks Kyle what’s wrong. Love or money? Love sucks, Kyle pouts and walks away. Summer’s hiding behind a magazine watching.

Chelsea’s at the penthouse; unaware that Adam’s about to put his key in the lock, but unable to bring himself to go in, gets on the elevator instead.

Sharon’s serious – I think we should get married. I love you, you love me – what’s there to talk about? She doesn’t know what the future holds and wouldn’t have gotten this far if not for Rey. She’d like to live a long, healthy life as Mrs Rosales (or die as Mrs Rosales) Rey would be honoured to be Sharon’s husband. On bended-kneee, he asks her to marry him. Yes, Sharon answers quickly but can’t even manage a convincing smile.