Monday, October 12th, 2020

Stop crying!! Abby wails at the screaming triplets – then quintuplets, in her nightmare. Gasping, she awakens – relieved that it was a bad dream.

At CL’s, Paul appreciates Chance admitting that he was the unnamed federal agent in Vegas. Does that mean I’ll be able to join the force or are you rescinding the offer? Chance asks.

Rey can’t wait to tell everyone that they’re engaged – but has to rush out for a work meeting. Sharon will tell Faith and Mariah; and we’ll tell everyone else together afterwards. There’ll be plenty of time for kisses later, Sharon shoos him out. The rest of our lives, Rey leaves a happy man. His bride to be? Not so much.

Dropping by the clinic, Amanda’s surprised and disappointed that Nate’s not there. She feels him pulling away and wonders if Elena knows why.

Thanks for coming. Devon’s summoned Nate to the penthouse for something important. There’s something going on with Elena and he can’t help but feel Nate knows what it is.

Back at the house, Sharon’s gathered her girls for ‘wonderful news’. The cancer’s gone!? Faith’s excited. Sharon’s smile falls off her face.

Sharon hasn’t received her lab results yet – the wonderful news is that she and Rey are getting married. Mariah sheds tears of joy, though wonders why her Mom’s not wearing a ring. After Sharon runs upstairs to get dressed for a horseback ride, Mariah tells Faith that she’s sorry it wasn’t the news she’d hoped for.

Paul fills Chance in that the cops in Nevada are investigating the allegations made in the article; that Adam killed a man to protect an undercover agent. At this point, there’s no evidence that Adam committed a crime; so no indication Chance was involved in any cover-up. Paul has no doubt that Chance would be an asset to the force but can’t hire him until an official inquiry clears him. When Rey arrives for introductions, Paul leaves the two men to get to know each other.

Abby’s invited her Mom to Society. How would you feel about me starting a family? Ashley’s jaw hangs open like it’s the most astounding thing she’s ever heard.

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Elena has a list; maybe Nate’s giving you space to absorb the news about Hilary – or he’s busy with work – or Jared OD-ing. It feels personal to Amanda. The look in Nate’s eye is one she’s seen in the courtroom many times; something’s weighing on him that he’s not ready to share. Reassured that Nate likes her just as much as she likes him, Amanda thanks Elena and leaves.

Devon knows it’s hard on Elena when he spends time with Amanda; he’s noticed a change in her; she’s distant, short with me and spending more time at the clinic. Nate wouldn’t break her confidence if Elena had talked to him and wouldn’t blame her for worrying that Devon might be drawn to Amanda.

When Amanda pops into Lily’s office quickly to ask if she’s read her emails, Lily suspects she’s avoiding her – because I’m the reason you never got to meet your sister. Lily would love the opportunity to talk to Amanda about it.

Mariah points out that Mom’s planning a wedding; a future – we need to follow her lead and be positive. Hopefully, we’ll soon get good news. Faith worries Mom and Rey are getting married because they already got the results, and they’re bad. Mariah can relate to everything Faith’s going through – evil jerks took her away when she was a baby too. Knowing Faith’s going through a lot, Mariah offers to help in any way she can. Faith appreciates the pep talk. You’re right – Mom wouldn’t hide it if the news was bad. Mariah’s left to look worried.

Now that Paul’s gone, Rey wastes no time making it clear that he knows Chance is the agent who was connected to Adam; who he obviously dislikes immensely. However, Rey knows about Chance’s military/fed career and if Paul thinks you’d be a good addition to the force, that’s good enough for me (especially since Paul gave him a second chance)