Thursday, October 8th, 2020

When Billy refers any complaints to his lawyer, Victor thinks the formidable Amanda has her hands full. After Billy excuses himself to take a call, Victor takes his seat to talk to Lily (she’s the reason he came to Society actually)

Phyllis orders her financial adviser to find a loophole. No, she will NOT take this to Nick. Seconds after she hangs up, Nick comes to her suite wondering what’s bothering her. If I tell you, you’ll move heaven and earth to fix it, Phyllis says before confiding that Vikki’s the thorn in her side.

Nate’s at CL’s fantasizing about his romp with Elena when Amanda comes along to wonder if he’s had enough of her going on and on about her Hilary drama. She’d understand if Nate had ‘hit his limit’.

At the penthouse, Devon notes that Elena’s a million miles away. Thinking about what happened at the clinic the other day? Don’t torture herself about it – you’re an incredible doctor; the personification of good. No, I’m not! an emotional Elena makes mistakes. Concerned, Devon can see something’s going on.

Told that he worries too much, Devon’s starting to think he doesn’t worry about Elena enough. Those who help others are often the last to reach out, he knows. Is this because I spent time with Amanda? Elena admits to feeling insecure; you deserve better. Relieved when a call interrupts Devon’s kiss, a guilt-ridden Elena takes the laundry upstairs.

Nate couldn’t be happier for Amanda (who’s annoyed that he ghosted her) He’s sorry he hasn’t made time for her – how can I make it up to you? Dinner tonight, she suggests. Nate needs time to get his head together – how about tomorrow? Surprised that he hasn’t heard about what she’s dealing with at ChanceCom, Amanda will fill him in tomorrow. Pausing to watch Nate sigh heavily, Amanda leaves knowing something’s wrong.

No, you can’t ‘fix it’, Phyllis respectfully turns Nick down. To go up against Vikki she needs someone shrewd who’s not a Newman (and has the perfect non-Newman in mind to help her)

Back at Society, Victor praises Lily but warns that Billy’s a liability. If you think this battle’s won, you’re mistaken. If Lily wants to protect her company, her employees’ jobs and her own, she must fire Billy.

Lily doubts Jill will oust her own son. Listing the companies that failed on Billy’s watch, Victor won’t allow him to use ChanceCom (previously Newman Media) to come after his family. Lily points out that Billy’s good at what he does; the story on Adam was accurate, did a public service and was a huge success. She won’t be swayed by Victor’s pressure tactics or his wife’s guilt trips. Scowling, Victor has a way of righting a wrong – have a nice day. Now alone, Lily doesn’t look so confident.

Nick drops by Vikki’s office, not to rescue Phyllis but to hear his sister’s side of the story. I turned down her pitch and then she lied to our associates and said NE was affiliated with TGP. Nick doesn’t see the big deal – Phyllis is just trying to run a business. He’s not happy to learn that Vikki bought up Phyllis’ debt (75% of the hotel)

Seated in the lounge, Phyllis grouses to Amanda about the power-hungry Vikki. I’m going to burn her so bad she’ll never underestimate me again.

You’ve sat in this chair, Vikki reminds Nick – you know the first rule is to protect the company – this is business, not personal. Nick thinks she sounds like Dad but acting more like Adam. He needs a flow chart to keep up with Vikki’s shifting loyalties. How could you betray Sharon and Faith like that?! Vikki admits she made a mistake. Tell me again why you’re not like Adam?! Not waiting for an answer, Nick slams out.