Monday, October 12th, 2020

Back at Society, Abby updates her Mom that she’s exchanged I love you’s with Chance (who threw it out there that he’d like to have kids) Her baby nightmare has made her realize that she’s been holding back with Chance purely out of fear.

Later, Mariah asks Sharon if she got bad biopsy results she can’t bring herself to share. No, we’re still holding our breath and hoping for good news, Sharon must treat every moment as a gift – which is why she’s marrying Rey. Mariah asserts that both she and Faith just want her to be happy.

There’s nothing happening with me and Amanda; Devon knows she’s not Hilary – in fact, they’re very different. Nate’s interrogation continues – do you plan to continue reminiscing with her? If you’re tempted to see where this newfound friendship will lead, set Elena free. Be honest with yourself about what you really want. Devon loves Elena. And you’re with Amanda. If Devon can find happiness, he’s sure Nate can too. Agreeing that he has something special with Elena, Devon won’t let anyone get hurt.

Lily’s apologized many times for Hilary’s death. I’m the reason you lost the chance to know your sister. Lily’s sorry and ashamed. I had no business being behind the wheel of a car. She tries to atone and honour Hilary’s memory by being the best person she can be. Amanda doesn’t know what to say – she’s still in shock. Lily thinks of Amanda as a friend but understands if she doesn’t want to have anything to do with her.

Back at CL’s, Chance asks how Sharon’s doing. And when Rey talks about cherishing every moment with the woman he plans to spend the rest of his life with, Chance is on the same page – when you find the right woman, you’ve got to hold on to her.

Proud of the woman Abby’s become, Ashley tells her to trust her instincts.

At the clinic, Elena tells Nate that Amanda stopped by asking all sorts of questions; like why you’re distant with her. Nate knows the feeling – Devon thinks you’re insecure about Amanda. Elena is but guilt being a bigger problem, she wants to confess.

In the park, Chance updates Abby that he’ll be going through a rigorous inquiry before joining the police force. She has something very special in mind to celebrate.

Amanda hasn’t decided whether she wants to continue working for Lily – but can’t lay all the blame on her. Neither she nor Hilary knew they were two halves of a whole. Is it crazy to feel this way? No, Lily’ knows about the strong bond twins have and is sorry Amanda was deprived of that. You did your time and are obviously remorseful, Amanda suggests they take it one step at a time.

Nate reiterates to Elena that Devon spiraled when he lost Hilary and the baby – then Neil – and now he has to come to terms with Amanda. He hints that unburdening themselves would be selfish (and send Devon over the edge) Do what you feel is right – Nate will understand. Elena’s also worried about how the truth would affect Devon; she loves him too much to hurt him. As for Nate, Elena’s not sure she can work with him.

Yes, the timing’s perfect – we could all use some good news. I love you, Sharon ends her call with Noah. Rey hangs up too – Celest wishes us all the best. He’s left messages for Lola and Arturo and can’t wait to tell the whole world. Sharon just wants to keep it quiet for now; to savior the moment.

After sex, Chance gazes adoringly at Abby as she brushes her hair. She’s so happy with the way things are coming together. This feels right – we feel right. I want what you want. Chance is ecstatic when Abby announces that she wants to have a family with him.

Devon finds Amanda stressing outside Society. She just had an intense conversation with Lily – there’s a lot to unpack there. She’s going to hire a PI. Amanda won’t feel complete until she knows the truth. Devon’s supportive.

If Elena’s that uncomfortable working with him, Nate will leave the clinic. No, that’ll seem suspicious, forget I said anything – I’ll find a way to cope. Sorry she’s all over the place, Elena needs to clear her head before she goes home to Devon. See you tomorrow.