Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Mariah arrives as Sharon’s calling Faith downstairs. I got your text; what’s up? Sharon wants her daughters to help plan her wedding.

Adam’s at the penthouse, frowning as he hears Chelsea’s voice in his head; wanting him to prove to the world that he’s not a monster. No, you want me to prove it to you, he’d replied.

Billy’s on his phone at ChanceCom on phone – we’re talking about someone who killed someone when he was 11 years old. Overhearing, Lilly thinks her partner’s making a damn good case for Victor’s opinion that she should push him out of the company.

Rey’s at Society to share good news with Lola in person. You’re getting married, she already knows (seems Celeste didn’t comply with Rey’s request that she keep it to herself) Congratulations, Lola’s happy for him and Sharon.

When Kyle enters Jabot’s boardroom overly focused on business, Jack can see that his son’s hurt and wishes he could remedy it.

Devon’s got several reasons to be smiling at his phone; an email re: the Neil Winters scholarship, his mentorship program, the clinic – and a ‘business person of the year’ award. Thinking the accolades well deserved, Elena’s proud of Devon and shies away from the credit he bestows upon her. None of it would happen without you at my side, he insists.

Jogging through Chancellor Park, Nate flashes back to sex with Elena (and her immediate regret afterward) Amanda appears to snap him out of it by demanding an honest conversation.

Yes, of course, Lola’s OK with this – she adores Sharon. Rey doesn’t’ want to rub their happiness in her face. The divorce is just paperwork, Lola shrugs off being single again. Hearing that Kyle and Summer eloped, Rey fumes. Kyle has no clue what he’s doing with his life.

According to Phyllis, it’s all my fault – but Kyle has no idea why he woke up to a vague note from Summer. He doesn’t know if she’s hurt or mad, just that she’s gone. Jack got a text; Summer asked for a leave of absence and will be out of town for a while. Claiming that he’s fine and won’t have trouble replacing Summer, Kyle leaves his Dad to worry in the boardroom.

Elena appreciates the kind words – but these are Devon’s accomplishments. Devon loves having her in his corner – I love you so much. I love you too. He needs to meet with Amanda to go over paperwork for the scholarship fund; no talk about Hilary. Needing no explanation, Elena won’t freak out every time Devon and Amanda cross paths but squirms when Devon mentions the trust they share.

Amanda wonders what changed. No, you’re not imagining it, Nate admits. He can’t do this anymore. You’re ending things with me? Amanda’s puzzled and hurt.

Back at ChanceCom, Billy was merely having an exploratory conversation – he may have enough for a sequel on Adam. The future of this company is on the line, Lily worries that without irrefutable evidence, Adam and Victor might win the next lawsuit. Do you have enough for a follow-up story? Offering to drop it, Billy appreciates Lily calling him out.

Amanda didn’t see that coming – did I say or do something? Nate has too much going on to give Amanda what she wants right now. Her being the sister of a patient he couldn’t save has brought up unexpected feelings. He also feels disloyal to Devon. Stop, not needing to hear more, Amanda wishes Nate the best and leaves.

Gushing as she relays prodding Rey into proposing, Sharon wants her two girls as bridesmaids. Mariah’s excited but called on her lack of enthusiasm, Faith claims to be worried about her Mom’s lab results. Sharon wants to focus on the positive, like colour scheme. Faith continues to look subdued.

Bumping into Nick at CL’s, Rey announces that he and Sharon are getting married. Offering congratulations, Nick does have to ask ‘why now’?

Did Sharon get bad news about her cancer? Are you getting married to give her a boost? Nick’s sorry. Don’t be, Rey assures that it has nothing to do with the cancer – he hopes to be married to Sharon for a long time and will look after Faith like she’s his own. Be my best man? If it’s not too awkward. Nick would be honoured – tell me when and where. Listening from the CL’s doorway, Adam leaves, devastated.