Thursday, October 15th, 2020

While Jack hopes the necklace will spark something in Dina, Kyle tells the Baldwins that Summer left him by way of a note on hotel stationery, but never mind that – let’s get this necklace to Dina. Jack wants to make it a special moment.

At CL’s, Traci and Abby’s phone pings. OMG, Traci smiles as she reads.

Victor asks Ashley to keep him posted – and give my best to Jack. In spite of our differences, we’re both men who love our families. Ash gets a text. Yes, it’s good news. Jack found the necklace.

Jack assures Lauren that he’ll take good care of the necklace. She knows that; focus on yourself and your family. Mike will keep positive thoughts. After the Baldwins leave, Jack reports that Traci and Abby are on their way to the house, Ash is already there. Off they go.

Traci can’t believe Lauren had the necklace this whole time. Jack states the obvious – Dina’s in decline – we need to prepare ourselves. She might not react to the necklace or our presence. Not much time left either way. Ash has never seen her so weak and frail. All admire the Teardrop of Love; the necklace Dina was wearing in the home movie. All agree to let Dina rest. Everyone will be there for the unveiling.

As they wait, Jack relays his vivid dream – subconscious telling him what he wants to hear. Maybe Dina came to you in a dream (A) the only way she could. Traci and Ash talk about Mother leaving – painful. We know it’s coming and can prepare. It will be a sad day but it won’t be a shock. Ash knows they should be relieved but sad to say goodbye forever.

Hoping to hear from Summer? Jack chats with Kyle. Never give up hope – life is full of surprises. Look at this necklace – don’t give up hope; things change. People make mistakes. Not finding the right woman is his biggest regret. If he can put things back together with Summer, do it. Jack – the mustache steps up sometimes. Abby calls Chance – I’m staying here tonight. I’m so lucky to have you. I love you too. Thank you for being so supportive. Traci listens with a smile then tells Jack how proud she is of him. Dina comes out, looking tired, scared and confused.

All fuss over Dina – are you comfortable> Dina cries – I will always love you. Don’t make my mistakes. This is your family now. Keep them safe (to Jack) I promise. We love you Mother, Godspeed. Dina and I love you all. I love ….. tears stream out of her eyes…. Now Dina’s hair and make are done. She opens the front door – looks up at the sun. ‘John’. She’s wearing the necklace. The Abbott’s quietly weep. Goodbye Mother, Jack utters.