Thursday, October 15th, 2020

At CL’s, Abby feels guilty – we should be at home with Dina. We need a break, Traci knows the next few days won’t be any easier. After Abby describes her rough night with Dina, Traci acknowledges the fact that she’s failing fast; we must prepare ourselves for the inevitable, any day now.

Jack’s at home, sleeping in a wing chair – dreaming of a young, pregnant Dina and John. I will love you til the end of time, we hear her say.

Victor happens upon Ashley in the park. He just watched his grandson score some goals in a soccer match. Ashley thanks him for helping Jack in his quest to find the Teardrop of Love. Victor did that for her and Dina. It’s Jack’s last gesture for Mother and might give him some closure, she hopes. Victor’s glad Jack has a goal to focus on. Ashley suspects Victor’s working on his own goal.

Ashley assumes Victor’s pissed at Billy for his article. Yes, but he’d rather not talk about that. Ash’s phone pings – it’s her turn to sit with Mother. Victor would like to go too. Told she might not remember him, he still wants to say goodbye.

Back at CL’s, Traci promises Abby that Dina won’t die alone, then lists all the beautiful things she did for her grandmother last night; reading to her, holding her hand. She will always live on in our hearts. Dina Abbott Mergeron lived a full, amazing life, Traci thinks they should find peace in that.

Jack continues to dreams; Dina and John are dancing; she’s wearing the emerald necklace. My necklace – where did it go!? she suddenly gasps. Why did you take it away? I didn’t take it – it was stolen, Jack explains. Find it – where did it go? an old and tired Dina now asks. Mother! Jack stands and hurries off.

The Baldwins are at Jabot looking for Jack (who calls Jack hoping she has news about the teardrop) Better than that, she has it with her, I’m on my way ~click~ When Victor and Ash arrive at the house, Jack hurries out to attend to something urgent.

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Still at CL’s, Traci and Abby move onto happier topics; Abby’s relationship with Chance. They’re soon back to discussing Dina. Abby hopes she’s more maternal. Traci sputters – are you???? No, but she and Chance are talking about it.

Ash briefly worries that she’ll have Alzheimer’s; it’s hereditary. Victor’s glad she came back from Paris. She can’t believe he retired. She then reminds Victor that Adam, tampered with his medication; almost killed you. He did awful things to me and you. What are your plans where Adam’s concerned?

In Jabot’s boardroom, Lauren and Mike discuss his silver hair. He’s gotten a lot of compliments on it and should have done it a long time ago. They then talk about the Teardrop of Love; a blessing or a curse (per the legends) No necklace will jinx our love – the Baldwins are more in love than ever. Lauren’s glad that Jack can give his Mother one last precious gift. Mike’s pleased that his wife is about to make that magic moment possible.

Victor didn’t think Adam was making a serious attempt on his life – but yes, it was dangerous. He terrorized and traumatized me, Ash reminds. Victor blames Billy Boy for bringing it all back up. Ashley hopes he’s closer to washing his hands of Adam, after everything he’s done. Victor asks – would you turn your back on Abby? Told that she’s not capable of being as cruel as Adam, Victor points out that after all the ups and downs with her Mother, Ashley’s still here for her.

Surprised to find the Baldwins in the boardroom, Kyle wonders if he’s late for a meeting – and what’s in the box? Enter Jack to hope it’s what he’s been anxiously searching for. Opening the black velvet box to reveal the emerald necklace, he declares it ‘magnificent’