Friday, October 16th, 2020

Sharon’s summoned Faith, Mariah and Nick to the house to announce the good news they’ve been waiting for. All are thrilled, though Faith seems to be going through the motions.

Calling to inform Kyle that he left something at Society (his work badge?) Lola’s taken aback when he says it’s not a good time and hangs up. Summer the spy is in the park, looking sad.

As the Abbott’s reflect on Dina’s reaction to the Teardrop of Love, and the effort it took to bring it home to her, Kyle suddenly decides he needs some air. Abby’s protest is silenced by Jack; we all grieve in our own way.

When Traci, Ashley and Abby verbalize a to do list of arrangements, Jack asks them to hold off until tomorrow. Today, he wants to remember his Mother.

Rey’s on his way to a stakeout, and yes he got a bit weepy, Sharon makes all chuckle. With no more surgery ahead, she’s on her way to being cancer-free. Eager to plan her Mom’s wedding, Mariah goes to call Tessa. Faith continues to look conflicted.

Summer’s about to exit the CL’s patio when she spots Kyle joining Lola inside. She hides behind a potted plant as Kyle apologizes to Lola and tells her that Dina died. Lola’s so sorry (and supportive) but Summer looks sadder than both of them.

At CL’s, Rey sure wishes Chance could join him on this stakeout. Chance must be honest at tomorrow’s inquiry – even if it means he won’t be a cop again.

The Abbott’s continue to mourn their loss; tears, smiles and bittersweet stories.

Kyle reminisces about Dina thinking he was John – it was weird when she got flirtatious. Watching, Summer’s desperate to know what he and Lola are saying? That they should be together? Accidentally shattering a glass, Summer runs out. Kyle makes it to the patio in time to see the door close. Hmm.

As Sharon’s telling the girls and Nick that she’ll need a few more treatments, Faith types outa text – my fam is driving me crazy. Let’s meet. Meet me in the spot, is the reply. When Sharon notices, Faith claims to be texting a friend with the good news.

The Abbott’s conclude that Dina died happy and left them with a lot of memories

After Kyle leaves, Summer confronts Lola on the patio.

Now alone with Faith, Sharon detects that she seems a bit off. Faith just finds it surreal that the moment she’s prayed for is here. And when Sharon suggests a movie night; just the two of us, Faith thinks her Mom needs some rest. When her Mom goes into the kitchen, Faith looks guilty.