Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

Vikki Nick have a chat at TGP.

Phyllis barges into the boardroom to confront Kyle on whatever he did to Summer.

Summer’s on her phone in the park wearing a big hat and a sour face.

Adam finds Victor at his front (and only) door. Why are you here? Victor wants to talk to his son. A good old father-son chat? Adam scoffs, then warns Victor to be worried about what the monster he created might be capable of. Victor’s not there to fight – he’s a Father concerned about his boy.

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What did you do? Phyllis demands answers from Kyle. Did you yell out Lola’s name in your sleep!? Last time you married my daughter for her liver – what is it this time? Kyle loves Summer; she left – end of story. I’m the one whose heart is broken. I’m done with this. My daughter left town for no reason? Phyllis is in disbelief.

Nick and Phyllis chat at TGP.

Kyle arrives at Society with his tail between his legs. He’s only there because the client he’s meeting loves Lola’s food. He whines that Summer dumping him is all over social media thanks to Theo. Lola’s sorry; Kyle’s welcome to eat or drink at Society anytime.

Back at Chancellor Park, Faith encourages Summer to talk to her.

Adam sneers at Victor’s noble impulse to come right his wrongs. You wanted me to be damaged and broken; controllable. I wish I never learned you’re my father or allowed you to seduce me to this godforsaken town. I’ve got nothing to lose and that makes me a dangerous man. Get out of my apartment. Victor stands to say; you and I have some things in common; we’re both angry because we were abandoned. Don’t you ever threaten me, he says on his way out.

Kyle gets more sympathy from Lola when he tells her about visiting with Dina; she didn’t even know he was there and won’t be with us much longer. Deep inside she knows you were there and that you love her, Lola’s supportive.

Summer tells Faith that she’s just doing research. To find out if Kyle still loves Lola? Faith saw her lurking outside Society. Don’t say ‘it’s complicated’, she interrupts Summer – it’s my least favorite phrase. Summer wanted to believe that Kyle was over Lola – she doesn’t want to make yet another mistake.

At TGP, Phyllis thinks she and Nick should be happy that Summer’s dumped Kyle. Nick won’t be happy til their daughter comes home. He does have some good news though – Devon’s to receive the business person of the year award. The Chamber of Commerce venue fell through and he recommended TGP. They loved the idea – and so does Phyllis. After Nick leaves, Vikki arrives to wipe the smile off Phyllis’ face.

Still in the park, Faith thinks love sucks. No, Summer wants her to experience the beautiful and messy ride (when she’s older) It’s the best feeling in the world. Faith’s phone goes off. Is it a boy? Summer’s curious – is it the person who text you earlier who you don’t want to talk about??

Lola teases Kyle about the ladies swooning over him on dating apps, then gets serious when saying ‘give my best to Dina and your family’.

Vikki tells Phyllis that Nick will always put family first. He walked away from Victor, Phyllis reminds – unlike you he has pride and integrity. He came back when we needed him, Vikki reports that Nick’s going to stand with his family against whatever Adam has planned. Oh, he didn’t tell you, she gloats. Nick may claim he’s upset with me but the Newman’s come first. Not all of them, Phyllis observes Adam’s arrival. You will never be welcome in the family, Vikki believes that Phyllis needs Nick because she can’t hack it on her own – you’re the loser everyone thinks you are. My offer (to buy TGP) has a time limit, she exits. When Adam sits at the bar, Phyllis comments – you look like a roadmap to hell. What does she want? To turn Adam’s frown into a smile.

Meeting Faith at CL’s, Nick’s deeply touched by her concern for him (being everyone’s go to guy) It’s a lot to carry. Nick points out that looking out for Faith is his job. He chokes up as he marvels at the confident beautiful woman Faith is. He’s proud to be her Dad; proud of the way she handles everything. I love you. I love you too, Dad. They then joke about his ‘hovering’.

Go away, Adam snarls. Phyllis thinks Billy’s article no big deal. I can help you; even though you screwed me over at Dark Horse (but I was the winner) When I fall I get back up to shove it in someone’s face. You need a friend, Phyllis wants to be that friend. Let’s partner up to get back at everyone – wouldn’t it be fun to wipe that smug look off Vikki’s face? You’re offering friendship in return for inflicting pain on someone, Adam shakes his head and leaves.

While Kyle’s at Jabot moping over a photo of Summer on his phone, Summer’s in the park watching a recording of Kyle chatting with Lola at Society.

Faith comes home to wonder where her Mom is. Sitting on the couch, she looks lonely and bewildered; quietly weeping as if the weight of the world is on her shoulders.

Nick’s in Phyllis suite with flowers and sweets. He doesn’t want to hear about Vikki’s ‘ridiculous’ offer or talk about work or his family. I’m lucky to have you, Phyllis smiles.

Vikki’s back in her office and on the phone. Not yet – I want our legal team to be prepared, something’s coming.

Now home, Adam pours a drink but leaves it to go look out the window.

Nikki meets Victor in the park – things didn’t go well with Adam, she can tell. My son is lost to me now, Victor sadly concludes.