Friday, October 16th, 2020

His Dad the only one at the house when Kyle returns, Father and son have some time to exchange I love you’s over a drink.

Called out on lurking around, stalking Kyle, Summer snarls that she read the text Lola sent him when they were off to elope. Lola doesn’t want Kyle but it’s obvious that Summer does. This crazy, stalker thing will really win him back – good luck with that.

In her suite at TGP, Abby’s emotion over her grandmother’s death indicates to Chance that she’ll be an amazing Mother.

Running into Theo at TGP, Kyle has no time for his games – Dina died today. Everyone was with her, he makes a list. Not everyone, Theo’s upset that he wasn’t called, so didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to his grandmother. Sorry for your loss, he leaves scowling.

Now at CL’s, Traci and Ashley share some tears and fond memories of their Mother.

Lola’s on the phone with Kyle; I wanted to tell you something, she hesitates. Changing her mind, she reminds him to come get his badge at Society, before the lost and found box is emptied.

At Jabot, Jack tells Lauren that Dina passed away shortly after he gave her the Teardrop of Love. As Lauren tears up, Jack thanks her for the necklace and her friendship over the years.

Abby wants to move forward. It’s not just the emotion of the night, it’s you, she tells Chance that she wants to start a family with him.

At CL’s, Nick worries to Mariah that something’s off with Faith – it’s almost like she was pretending to be happy. Mariah shrugs it off as normal teenage girl behavior – give her some space.

Faith tips toes down the stairs, checks to ensure the coast is clear, puts her coat on and exits. On my way, she texts.

** Traci concludes with a PSA for I have nothing else to say today except ‘I miss you, Mom’.