Monday, October 19th, 2020

In purple sequins, Phyllis paces around TGP as she instructs Ethan by phone – Devon’s night is so special, she wants both a wine and champagne glass on each table. When Nick appears to praise her, Phyllis thanks him for recommending TGP to the Chamber of Commerce – she’ll show him how grateful she is later.

Getting ready upstairs, Devon realizes he forgot his cufflinks. Relieved that Elena has them, he comments ‘what would I do without you’? Elena’s so proud of Devon (but looks troubled)

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Meanwhile, Nate and Amanda look uncomfortable when they run into each other at CL’s.

After some light hearted but forced banter, Amanda informs Nate that she told Devon that they broke up and assumed he told Elena. No, Nate’s a private guy who likes to keep a professional distance.

At the Chancellor Estate, Miles is finally asleep. Sending Chloe upstairs to nap, Kevin’s stunned when Glo bursts in – honey, I’m home!

When Devon arrives at TGP, Phyllis showers him with congratulatory praise. She and Elena leave Devon to chat with Nate.

Jack’s at home morning his Mother’s death.

At ChanceCom, Billy quips that Lily cleans up well. Both are glad their brothers forgave them. She’s off to Devon’s award ceremony; he’s going to check on Jack.

Asked where Elena is, Devon says that she’s in the ballroom. I’m here if you want to talk about the break up. When Amanda arrives, Elena watches the looks between her, Devon and Nate.

Confirming that he ended things with Amanda, Nate and Elena agree it’s not the time or place to discuss it. You look amazing, he adds Across the room, Devon tells Nick that his recent good fortune is due to Elena.

Gloria didn’t call Kevin because she likes to make an entrance. She’s there to see Milo of course. Miles, Chloe corrects. Gloria’s vague when answering questions about her film work in Hollywood, then follows Chloe upstairs to see Bella. At least SHE won’t question my sincerity.

Making a surprise visit to Amanda’s suite, Lily complimets her – Nate won’t be able to take his eyes off you. He dumped me, Amanda shrugs it off – we weren’t serious.

Jack claims to be on his way to bed when Billy stops by but is easily talked into sharing stories about the woman who gave him life.

Back at TGP, Devon tells Nick that Elena’s working hard at the clinic. He’s surprised to hear that Nick dropped by and that a teenager almost OD’d that day. Nervous about your speech? Before Devon can answer Elena’s question, Phyllis whisks him away – it’s showtime!

His Mother still upstairs, a panicked Kevin tells Chloe that his Glo-dar is telling him she’s up to something. He leaves a quiet but panicked message for ‘Mikey’ – you won’t believe who’s back!

Hearing about the Teardrop of Love that Lauren loaned Jack, Billy hopes it is ‘enchanted’. The Abbott men could all use some luck in their love lives.

Addressing the audience at TGP, Devon’s acceptance speech includes a list of people to thank; concluding with Elena and Nate, who work so hard at the climic saving lives.

After Nick leaves, Phyllis is surprised to hear that Nate broke up with Amanda. He’s crazy and not good enough for you! Equally surprised when Nate updates her, a supportive Lily chats with Amanda on her way out.

Billy speaks so glowingly of Lily that Jack warns him not to mix romance with business and isn’t convinced by his brother’s denial.

Devon wishes Elena had told him a teenager almost died at the clinic the other night. Hearing it was Jared, he’s even more perplexed. Elena’s tears finally spill. I can’t do this anymore, she bolts. Now questioning Nate, Devon’s told it was an emotional night – I’ll go check on Elena. No, I’ll go check on her, Devon marches off.

Gloria’s back downstairs to claim that Hollywood is hard work and long days. Again irritated by Kevin’s accusations and suspicions, she huffs off wondering why she came. She’s definitely hiding something, Kevin tells Chloe.

Billy and Lily are surprised to find one another at ChanceCom.

Back at TGP, Amanda sees no need for awkwardness. She knows about Nate and Elena. But don’t worry, I won’t tell Devon, she leaves Nate to squirm.

Upstairs in a suite, between sobs, Elena confesses to Devon. She has no idea how it happened but she slept with Nate. Forgive me, please! It didn’t mean anything! Without a word, Devon slams out.

Still at ChanceCom, Lily’s animated as she rattles on about business. Asking about Billy’s night with Jack, she can relate to losing a Mother who’s larger than life. Hearing about the necklace, she beiieves it might bring love and is left to look lovestruck when Billy gies to get some work done.

After everyone’s gone to bed, Gloria sneaks downstairs in the darkness to retrieve something from a vase in the living room.

Furious, Devon strides across TGP lounge to suckerpunch Nate hard enough to send him to the floor., much to the horror of Phyllis and Elena.