Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

My God Nate you’re bleeding! Devon!? Elena calls after him as he storms out. What happened!? Amanda asks. Devon, Phyllis informs as she calls 911. Is there anything I can do? Elena asks. Yes, talk to me so I don’t pass out, Nate requests. Elena babbles; don’t hate me. I hope you can forgive me – I couldn’t keep the truth a secret anymore. Amanda continues to watch.

With a smile, Faith reads a text and is about to escape through CL’s patio when Mariah dashes over ‘freeze!’ She doesn’t believe that Nick’s picking Faith up – she just saw him at the gala and he said he was going home.

Elena has to follow the ambulance to the hospital. You mean follow Nate? Amanda corrects. No, Amanda doesn’t want to go, it’s not my place – do you think it’s yours? What about Devon? And what about this ‘truth’? I thought you two had too much respect for Devon to …. Elena’s lack of denial gives Amanda her answer.

Dad went home because he wasn’t supposed to pick me up until I called him, Faith lies. No, Mariah doesn’t need to call Nick to confirm, she trusts Faith implicitly and knows she’s going through a lot. Love you kid. Faith hurries outside because her Dad’s waiting.

One minute Phyllis is worried about the deep cut on Nate’s hand, the next she’s joking that it’s not a party at TGP unless guests are being drugged, held hostage – or a surgeon gets his hand sliced open. What happened? Amanda asks yet again. Devon just walked over to Nate and punched him, Phyllis assumes something triggered Devon and suspects Amanda knows what that is.

At Society, Abby ends a call with Chance then congratulate Devon when he takes a seat at the bar. As she prattles on about their grandmothers, Devon would just like a drink. And when Abby asks where Elena is, he REALLY needs a drink.

Devon discovered something devastating, Amanda explains – and reminds Phyllis that she thought Nate was cooling towards her – she then noticed the way he was looking at Elena. She confessed to Devon and he exploded. He loved Elena so much; thought she was a saint. Amanda then accepts some of the blame (for spending so much time with Devon) Phyllis doesn’t believe that and is sure Devon wouldn’t either.

Abby leaves Devon with his on-the-house drink to flashback over the clues he should have picked up on; from both Elena and Nate.

Ending a call with Tessa, Mariah’s not pleased when Billy comes into CL’s to inform that Faith’s hanging around Chancellor Park with a girl who looks a bit older. He asked Faith if she was allowed to be out this late and she asked if he was going to write an expose on it. Billy called Nick (who didn’t answer) Not surprised, Mariah’s call is answered immediately. Ending the call, she lectures Billy on what his expose did to Faith and Sharon. Do you even have the decency to regret what you did?

Billy didn’t name any names. Anyone could put the pieces together, Mariah blames Billy for trolls online ridiculing Faith. Not impressed with his non-apology, she adds – your own sister had to relive her trauma too. Billy told the truth and stands by the greater good achieved. After Nick texts to say he’s on his way with Faith, Mariah tells Billy that she understands why he hates Adam but you’re no the hero here.

Amanda toggles between calling Devon or giving him space. No, she doubts he’s with Elena (as she followed Nate’s ambulance to GCM. No, Amanda doesn’t feel cheated on – she and Nate weren’t in a relationship like Elena and Devon were. She lists all he’s lost then all his fine qualities. Devon’s genuine and true – and deserves so much better than this.

Still having flashbacks at Society’s bar, Devon declines Abby’s offer to listen. After he leaves, Chance arrives. So? How did the inquiry go? Did you get a job on the police force? Abby’s eager for news.

How grueling was it? You were at the station for hours, Abby adds. It’s not official but Chance is optimistic that he’ll get a job on the police force. As for Vegas, he’s not at liberty to discuss a money laundering case he worked on as a federal agent. It’s time to focus on our future.

Mariah would rather her sister hate her (for calling Dad) than… I don’t hate you, Faith reassures. Mariah continues – we nag and we worry – because we love you. No, Faith didn’t get the same spiel from Nick – she got the silent treatment on the drive over. Nick brought Faith to CL’s to apologize to Mariah. Realizing she sounds like somebody’s Mother, Mariah claims to smell like the dumpster she just threw garbage into – consider yourself hugged. After Mariah goes home to Tessa, Nick orders Faith to sit down. Looks like she’s not out of the woods yet.

Amanda feels like she knows Devon. Elena and Nate should have realized how lucky there were – Devon dedicated himself to their dreams – supporting the clinic etc. and Elena spat in his face. Not as eager to wrap up the night, Phyllis would rather have a cocktail. Amanda wants to go upstairs and put this day behind her. When Phyllis gives her Devon’s award, Amanda’s not even sure he’ll want it. Seconds later, Phyllis gets a call – no comment.

I’m glad you’re here, Elena comes home to say; adding that she went to the hospital to check on Nate. He sustained a serious injury to his hand; nerve damage. Getting no outpouring of sympathy, she mumbles ‘thought you’d like to know’. Elena has no words to describe how sorry she is – people make mistakes. She’s never done anything like this. You shutting me out is killing me – whatever you’re thinking, say it, she pleads. Devon’s expression speaks volumes; devastation and disgust.

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What was so urgent that you lied? Nick interrogates – what couldn’t wait til morning? Faith just wanted to see her friend. She’s sorry. What made you think I’d be OK with you sneaking off? Nick wonders what else Faith’s hiding from him. This year hasn’t been easy (he makes a list) But having raised three teenagers through rebellious phases, he’s sure they’ll get through this one too. Faith’s learned her lesson – don’t I deserve a second chance? Yes. Thanks – you won’t regret it, she feels so much better. Oh, you think this is over? It’s not, not by a longshot, Nick implies he has something in mind.

Chance and Abby are back at TGP. Despite her better judgment, Abby tells Phyllis that the evening ‘didn’t suck’ Phyllis is sorry to hear about Dina – she must have been proud to call you her granddaughter. We’ll let you get back to it, Chance says in parting as he follows Abby.

Were you punishing me for spending time with Amanda? Devon asks. No, yes – Elena’s not sure. You didn’t do anything, she admits to being scared of losing him; to Hilary, to Amanda. Devon’s tried to be the guy who deserves a woman like Elena. It’s hard for him to let people in – they always want something. I let you into my home, my heart. Did I ever make you happy? Yes. And you love me? With all my heart, Elena insists. Just not enough to keep your hands off Nate, Devon scowls. Elena will spend every day trying to make it up to Devon. We can get through anything – tell me what to do!! Forgive me, please, she sobs.