Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

Summer, thank God! I’ve been worried sick! Kyle exclaims at Jabot. Cut the act, I know what you’ve been up to, Summer snaps.

At the Chancellor Estate, Mike’s asking Kevin if Gloria’s there for money when she comes in to comment on his grey hair. I’ve been working in LA, in the industry. Kinda vague – can you be more specific? Mike wants the inside scoop on Hollywood. Hmm – Kevin was told a slightly different story.

In Chancellor Park, a grateful Jack tells Lauren that the necklace gave Dina clarity and peace in her final moments. Lauren’s glad she was able to help. He wanted to buy it; she didn’t want to sell it. They came up with an unconventional compromise; a new journey for The Teardrop of Love.

Seconds after Elena comes downstairs with a packed bag, Devon returns to the penthouse. I still love you so much, she whimpers. Please just leave your keys on the table, Devon’s controlled and polite. Elena pauses to look at a framed photo before leaving. Devon’s sitting against the wall looking crushed.

Amanda approaches Nate as he mopes at CL’s. I betrayed my cousin and lied to you. Don’t hold anything back (he expects her to blast him)

Nate’s hand? It’s too soon to know how bad the damage is. Amanda’s sorry to hear it. Don’t you want to know how I could do this to the man whose wife I couldn’t save? Nate carries on – How I could sleep with the woman who pulled him out of that darkness? Amanda’s in no position to judge – goodbye, she leaves.

Lauren and Jack go over the history of the Teardrop of Love. It was stolen from Emily Walker; her lover died in the war – John bought it for Dina, then she left. Lauren’s Father bought it for Joanna but she was already gone. Lauren’s had it all these years and she and Mike are stronger than ever. If you lose the necklace you lose the person most precious to you. Jack’s mildly surprised that Lauren’s a believer.

Back in the boardroom, Summer can tell that Kyle’s not over Lola. You were exchanging texts with her the night before we were supposed to get married. And I saw you talking to her at CL’s. Angry to realize that Summer’s been in GC the whole time, Kyle wonders what she’d call it if not ‘spying’.

Gloria’s hurt to have come all this way to be interrogated by the beautiful sons she’s so proud of. I deserve some respect. Chloe’s taking Miles to the park, Gloria decides to go too. Mike and Kevin love Gloria – they just have some questions. Gloria slams out shouting ‘I’ll meet you outside Chloe’.

Jack admits that the necklace is more than a cluster of metal and gems; it represents the love Dina felt for her family. It’s not a story of magic – the power is in the heart. Lauren likes bringing their own meaning to this.

You’ve been in town this whole time, stalking me. Summer needed to prove a point to Kyle; that he’s never been committed to her. Kyle woke up to a note – you walked out on me, leaving me to worry. You broke my heart, again. Summer nows what she saw – you were on dating apps. Kyle claims that it was all an act to distract from his empty life. Dina died – Lola was offering condolences. OMG, I’m so sorry, Summer knows how much Kyle loved his grandma.