Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

You’ll never know Sharon the way I do, Adam gets why Rey’d feel threatened by their history. Chelsea pokes her head in the door to hear Rey tell Adam that the Sharon he can’t get over doesn’t exist anymore. Sharon and I will always find our way back to each other, Adam’s sure she’ll realize where she belongs. I’m Sharon’s past and her future. What’s Chelsea, you’re back up plan? Rey asks. When Adam claims he doesn’t need on, Chelsea escapes to gasp for air outside.

Elena and Nate developed a bond working together at the clinic, Devon figures – they got so caught up saving lives that their clothes fell off. People can work together without sleeping together, Amanda states. Elena had the nerve to say she loves me and has no feelings for Nate, Devon can now see that he’s been the outsider for a long time. It’s no fun being an outsider, Amanda knows but doesn’t feel Devon owes her an apology. Asked if he’ll ever be able to forgive them, Devon says ‘no’ without hesitation.

Nate’s trying to pick up a pair of surgical scissors when Nick arrives at the clinic to startle him. Sorry to hear what’s going on, Nick has to ask – what the hell were you thinking? Is that the night I dropped by here? Nick realizes he set this whole thing in motion by telling Devon that he ran into Elena that night. Is there anything I can do? Convince me there’s no such thing as karma, Nate quips sadly.

Rey’s grinning when Sharon comes downstairs. OMG! she gasps at the beautiful ring in its box – exactly what she wanted, she slips it on to declare it a perfect fit. Now it’s time to set a wedding date.

Bringing Devon up to her suite, Amanda’s received a letter from the PI she hired to look into her background. She’s not sure she’s ready for the answers.

At the clinic, Elena’s sorry about Nate’s hand. She can no longer volunteer there. Devon and I are finished; he asked me to pack up and leave. She’s OK running into Nate at GCM, where it’s not such close quarters. Nate thinks he should be the one to leave the clinic. Let me do this one thing for you.

Adam’s home – Chelsea? Welcome back – how’s Connor? There’s a few things we need to discuss. Let’s leave GC and find a house near Connor’s school – start over. Chelsea wastes no time letting Adam know that just moments ago she heard him bragging that he’s the one who’ll end up with Sharon.

Sharon and Rey decide to get married on New Year’s Eve. What could be more romantic than sharing our first kiss as man and wife at midnight. I love you, I love you more.

Amanda scans the page; a summary of all the info about her birth that she already knew. Wait a minute. My investigator spoke to a woman Nadine who lived in the same building as Rose. Nadine doesn’t remember seeing Rose pregnant before showing off her new baby.

Your patients adore you, Nate asks Elena to stay – we can make it work. Elena worries Devon will pull funding if she stays. You and Devon are family, she adds – he’ll forgive you. None of this is ‘fair’ No! It’s over! All of it! Elena slams out.

Chelsea heard Adam going on and on about Sharon to Rey at CL’s. Rey was being smug and condescending about putting me in prison, Adam just wanted to get under his skin. I love YOU. Chelsea won’t be second place after all she’s done for Adam. She’s already packed and has had enough of Adam’s lies and manipulations. This is goodbye. I’m officially and forever done.

Next week. Oh really? You weren’t about to come over and kiss me? Billy teases Lily…This is really overwhelming, Summer says. Good overwhelming or bad overwhelming, Kyle asks…. Adam tells Nick and Vikki that he’s going to live his life, no longer as a member of this family. As of today, I’m cutting you all loose. All I ask is that you let me do that in peace.