Friday, October 23rd, 2020

At ChanceCom, Vikki’s discussing the kids schedule with Billy when she gets an alert on her phone – there’s been a breach in her home security. As both rush out, Vikki calls Hannah – get the kids out immediately!

Adam answers a call he’s been waiting impatiently for. ‘We have a problem. Things aren’t going according to plan’.

Lily and Kevin engage in small talk on the CL’s patio. She gushes over a photo of baby Miles. Kevin’s still doing IT for the GCPD and Chloe’s working with Chelsea to launch her fashion line; which might not happen because of her connection to Adam. Your expose didn’t help, he adds.

Chelsea meets Chloe at the park apologizing for being late – she slept in. As for the fashion line, all the sponsors have pulled out because of the expose on Adam. No, Chelsea can’t ask him to kick in some money.

At the Chancellor Estate, Gloria gets rid of Ester to retrieve a flashdrive from a vase. Ester reappears to blather on about her local theater group she’s off to meet and share Chloe and Kevin’s concern that Gloria’s here because she’s in trouble. Claiming she’s just there to visit her grandson, Gloria again finds herself alone to look shady as she clutches an ornamental box she’s put the flashdrive in.

Back at the park, Chelsea confides in Chloe that she and Adam broke up – it’s Sharon’s shoulder he wants to cry on, not mine. Chelsea heard him talking to Rey and confronted him. Adam lied – claiming he was only trying to get a rise out of Rey. What will I tell Connor? she frets. Everything will be OK, Chloe promises.

Back at ChanceCom with Billy, Vikki’s relieved there was no sign of forced entry – it must have been a false alarm. The kids are staying at the ranch so Vikki can upgrade her security system. Adam broke into my hotel room and searched it top to bottom (when Billy threatened to do another expose) He freaked out – which tells Billy there’s more dirt to uncover.

Running into Adam inside CL’s, Kevin blurts out ‘you look like hell – and that makes my day’. He makes no effort to conceal his obvious delight.

Adam had to ‘bounce’ but Kevin’s happy to drink the beverage he ordered.

Billy’s texting Alyssa – to get her working on this. Vikki thinks he should slow down. A casino owner in Vegas is missing, Billy explains – his wife was willing to talk about her husband’s relationship with Adam. Now she’s left town (Adam’s doing no doubt) You went too far, Vikki protests; dragging Faith, Sharon and Ashley into it. She also worries about Billy’s state of mind when he obsesses about revenge on Adam. For your own sake, let it go. Lily appears – ‘sorry to interrupt’.

Still in the park, Chelsea mentions that she’s been getting a lot of headaches lately but doesn’t think it has anything to do with her recent fall in the elevator. Adam appears wanting a private talk with Chelsea. Leave me alone, she scowls. You heard her, Chloe’s left with plenty to say to Adam.

Gloria’s snarling into her phone – how did this happen? Didn’t I try to warn you that night? Oh no you’re not hanging this on me this time. Hello? Damn you, she hisses. Hi Kevin, I didn’t know you were there, Gloria tries to sound chipper. What kind of mess have you gotten yourself into? Kevin wants the truth this time.

Vikki and I were discussing whether or not to do another expose on our favourite criminal. Billy confesses. Lily and Vikki think it best to move on. Billy reads a text from Alyssa – she wants to move on too. Lily would rather do an article on non-profits like New Hope. When Billy jokes with Lily about uncovering a scandal anyway, Vikki begins to feel like an outsider and decides it’s time she leaves. Carry on you two.

Back at the park, Chloe doesn’t want Adam’s anywhere near her child. She talks about him being a coward, covering up after running over Delia. You were raised to kill and lie; rotten to the core. Trauma can cause one to do unspeakable things, Adam thinks Chloe, of all people, should know that. He gripes about Chloe being forgiven while he hasn’t. Because you haven’t changed – just last year you tampered with Victor’s medication, Chloe reminds. You shot me, Adam scoffs at the idea that he’s inherently evil. Chloe’s mission in life is to make sure Chelsea never forgets who Adam truly is.