Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

Failing to engage Elena in conversation on the CL’s patio, Lola can see that she’s not ‘fine’. Looks like you need a friend, she insists they chat.

We’ll take the private jet – there’s no bags to pack (Devon will buy Amanda whatever she needs in New York) One day you can say you saw this artist before LP made her famous. Tempting but Amanda has to pass. No, it’s not because of work. Is it me? Devon asks. Honestly, yes – Amanda doesn’t want to stick it to Nate and Elena.

Sorry it’s late, Nick stops by Sharon’s after visiting his Mom. Hearing that Faith’s upstairs doing a project for school, he won’t disturb her. Sharon can tell that Nick’s worried.

Chelsea enters the penthouse shouting – Adam! Connor sends his love! Are you home? silence indicates he’s not.

Adam moseys over to Rey’s booth at CL’s – I hear congratulations are in order. I hear an arrest may be in order for you, Rey fires back. You’re a smart guy, you know things with Sharon won’t work out, Adam sneers.

On the CL’s patio, Elena confides that she did something horrible and I can’t fix it. Nate and I started to bond over our patients. Devon was spending a lot of time with Amanda. I felt forgotten – Nate was supportive. We saved a kid’s life – in the moment, it just happened. I slept with Nate. Devon will never forgive me and why should he? I betrayed and disrespected him. And how do you feel about Nate? Lola asks.

Nate’s on the phone at the clinic – he can see his non-surgical patients next week and can only hope that the best doctors in the state are able to heal his hand.

Devon’s just proposing a business trip – not revenge against Elena and Nate. When Amanda blames herself, Devon reminds that they’re adults, responsible for what they did. Amanda offers support anytime, any place. Seconds after she closes the door, Devon opens it – the offer you just made – how about now?

Rey thinks Adam should be better than this by now. You’re hoping I’ll get distracted and forget about Billy’s article. If you had anything on me I’d be in jail right now, Adam’s confident. Rey’s confident too – you don’t think we’re building a rock-solid case so the charges stick this time? He’ll be the man to extinguish the torch Adam’s been carrying for a woman who doesn’t want him.

Though Nick downplays his concern, Sharon’s reminded that Faith declined watching a movie with her the other night. She is happy, isn’t she? Of course, Nick thinks she’s just worn out. If we keep listening and supporting her, everything will be cool.

Now at Society, Amanda encourages Devon to talk about Nate and Elena. He didn’t see it coming and now questions everything. Am I an awful judge of character? Amanda wishes she could help – wishes they hadn’t spent so much time together. She feels responsible. Don’t – you didn’t do anything wrong, Devon reassures.

Nate? He’s a nice guy, a great doctor – and Devon’s cousin. What if he wasn’t? Lola’s probing leads Elena to wonder if she’s trying to make sense of what happened between Kyle and Summer. The key to moving on? Focus on the thing you love the most, Lola advises. That’ll be hard – the thing Elena loves the most involves Nate so she must stop volunteering at the clinic. Lola thinks Elena should take a deep breath before making any decisions. As for a place to live, move in with me.

Sure he’ll catch up with Faith soon enough, Nick tells Sharon how proud he is of her and the place they’re in now, after all they’ve been through. Both are pleased that Nick will be Rey’s best man and value their friendship.