Friday, October 23rd, 2020

What was that call about? Kevin asks. Gloria claims that it was a film producer she’s working with in LA. What did it mean when you said – ‘you can’t hang this on me’? Kevin persists and wants to look into this producer. Who is he? The more indignant Gloria becomes the more Kevin’s convinced she’s hiding something. That’s it – Gloria’s taking the next available flight back to LA!

Lily didn’t want to say anything in front of Vikki but reiterates that Billy should drop the idea of another expose on Adam – there’s no proof he committed another crime. What will it take for you to drop this? Billy suspects Lily was just about to come over and kiss him.

I was not about to kiss you, Lily laughs but can’t deny she hasn’t thought about it. Billy’s reigned in his impulses too. Good, being co CEO’s takes priority over any attraction, Lily values their friendship and partnership too much to risk it.

Chloe’s back to hear that Gloria’s leaving and that Kevin overheard her talking to some lowlife. She’s in deep this time but Kevin’s more worried about Chloe and the kids safety. He can’t get involved in whatever Gloria’s got going on.

At CL’s, Chelsea overhears Vikki on the phone arranging for a new security system asap. Glad she ran into Chelsea, Vikki confronts her on asking Billy about seeing Johnny; OUR son. No, Chelsea didn’t break in trying to see him this morning.

Chelsea went to visit Connor and swears she wouldn’t pursue access to Johnny like Adam did with Christian. Where was Adam this morning? Vikki explains that someone broke into her house when the kids were home with the nanny. Chelsea doesn’t know where Adam was this morning because she left him.

Gloria brings her bags down – she’s got a car coming. When Kevin again harps on her strange behavior and the mysterious phone calls, Gloria appeals to Chloe – I can’t take this anymore!

At the park, Billy overhears Adam on his phone blasting his guy for getting caught tailing a cop. Your problem is with ME, Billy orders Adam to leave Vikki and the kids out of it. Are the kids alright? Adam doubts Billy’s stupid enough to think I’d harm Chelsea’s son. Johnny is Vikki’s son! He’s MY son! Billy corrects.

Hearing that Chelsea packed up and left Adam yesterday, Vikki thinks it her smartest move – now you can go be with Connor since nothing’s holding you to GC.

Gloria wishes she had more time to get to know Miles. Tell Bella I said goodbye. Your car’s here, Kevin announces. Good luck with your ‘minor financing issues’. When Chloe wishes her ‘safe travels’, Gloria’s pleased that someone gives a damn. The box the flshdrive was in is left out on display. Chloe and Kevin are then left to agree that Gloria leaving is for the best.

Vikki is Johnny’s Mother! Don’t even think about breaking into her house again! Billy’s livid. Adam didn’t do it – you’re so determined to blame everything on me. You tried to mow me down with a car! he reminds. Maybe the next expose should be on YOU. Chelsea strolls by the park in time to hear Adam connects Billy’s anger to Delia dying (to which he’s already begged for forgiveness repeatedly) Come near my children again and I’ll teach you the true meaning of regret! Billy threatens.