Monday, October 26th, 2020

At ChanceCom, supposedly looking for Billy, Vikki doesn’t mind waiting for him to come back – it will give her a chance to talk with Lily – alone.

At TGP, Phyllis is annoyed by an email from Vikki (hotel business) No, she won’t let Nick ‘fix this’ by buying his sister out. A familiar perfume and familiar high heels don’t escape Phyllis’ attention and Summer can’t escape into the elevator. Hi Mom. Hi Dad, she sighs.

Lola comes home to chat with her new roommate. Glad to have some company, she also has an idea to celebrate Elena moving in.

Hearing that Summer’s been back in town for a few days, Phyllis wonders why she’s walking around like Carmen Sandiego. And Nick would like details on the break up with Kyle. Not tonight, Summer’s going up to have a bath and get ready for her first day back at Jabot tomorrow.

Drinks at TGP, dinner at a restaurant Lola’s sous chef just opened up – then drinks at Society. Elena was thinking more along the lines of ordering in and watching a movie. Lola insists – sometimes what we think we want isn’t what’s best for us.

Summer’s surprised to find that Kyle’s ‘broken into her room’. I’m not your fiance anymore. Kyle would like a half hour to fix that – and notes that she’s still wearing the ring. If he fails to win Summer back, he’ll leave and never bother her again.

Downstairs, Phyllis thinks Nick should just be happy that Summer didn’t marry Kyle and that he has two independent women who don’t need saving. Yes, Phyllis actually does have an idea on how to handle Vikki (as she spots Billy’s arrival)

Lily didn’t realize that she and Vikki needed to talk alone. Vikki just wants to catch up. Mentioning the expose on Adam, she’s surprised but not that surprised to hear that Billy didn’t run the story by Lily before publishing it. Yes, Lily does get along well with Billy – and why does she get the feeling Vikki has something to say about that?

At CL’s, Sharon thinks it time to get back to their normal lives. Faith should start inviting friends over to the house again. Going into the kitchen, Sharon pauses to smile as Faith reads a text that makes her giggle.

Elena doesn’t really feel like a night out on the town. Lola understands – she was at a very low point a few weeks ago; her divorce was finalized and Kyle was engaged to Summer. I’m totally, totally over it, she clearly isn’t. But girls’ night really did help. OK, Elena finally agrees – let’s do it.

Thanking Summer for listening to his presentation, Kyle begins by removing the first silver dome to reveal a framed photo of him and Summer as kids. Next – a song and more sappy words – he can’t imagine life without her. Next stop in their journey – a cherry-stem engagement ring. Summer removes the last dome – a keyring Kyle was going to engrave and give to her when their house was done. We can still have it.

At CL’s, Nick has to snap his fingers to draw Faith’s attention away from her phone. She thanks him for not telling Mom that he caught her in the park the other night. She’s keeping up her end of the deal – no sneaking out, honesty etc. Next time you think about breaking the rules, don’t, Nick warns.