Monday, October 26th, 2020

Having waited around until Billy’s meeting ended, Phyllis informs him that she and Vikki are embroiled in a battle. She created a phony company and bought a big chunk of my hotel – just to mess with me. Would you talk to her? You want me to spy on the Mother of my children? Billy balks. Phyllis switches to Plan B. Remember my daughter Summer? She has trust issues – with men – where’d she get those???

Vikki gets the feeling that Billy’s interested in Lily and that it might be mutual. We’re business partners who know not to blur the line, Lily smiles. Vikki lists Billy’s fine qualities – but he also has a dark side and gives in to his impulses; especially when it comes to Adam. She cautions Lily to keep her guard up, for her sake and the companies.

Billy doesn’t appreciate Phyllis bringing up what happened with Summer; he’s not proud of it. Knowing he feels guilty, Phyllis is offering Billy a way to wipe the slate clean. He won’t mess things up with Vikki to do Phyllis a greasy favor. Sorry.

Back at CL’s, Sharon has more good news – she and Rey are getting married New Year’s Eve. That’s great, but Faith seems more excited when her friend Jordan shows up. After some chit chat, Sharon goes to make Jordan some tea. That leaves Nick to bluntly ask Jordan if she was the person Faith met up with the other night.

Dressed up for a night on the town, Lola seems to be more in need of cheering up as she and Elena head out. No more talk about men!

Summer finds this overwhelming. Good overwhelming or bad overwhelming? Kyle asks. This is so sweet and romantic, Summer wants to believe …. Then believe, blah, blah, blah – and there’s nothing between me and Lola. Kyle looks like the bumbling fool he is when Summer points out that even on a night he’s trying to win her back, he can’t help bringing up Lola’s name.

It was my fault, a lapse in judgment. I talked Faith into meeting me, Jordan takes the blame. No, Faith is to blame – I could have said no. Plenty of blame to go around, Nick repeats the rules. Jordan’s welcome at both his and Sharon’s place. The girls just don’t want to cause any problems. Nick seems suspicious that they’re trying too hard.

She’s not sure how it applies to her but Lily appreciates Vikki’s advice. She then excuses herself to take a call when Billy arrives to catch up with Vikki. Chelsea left Adam, Vikki hopes it’s for good this time. Billy then addresses whatever’s going on with Phyllis. Why not just let her have the hotel? Vikki wonders what leverage Phyllis has on Billy (that he’d go to bat for her)

Summer can’t believe she almost fell for Kyle’s smooth talk and shiny objects. That you would even bring up her name…. Kyle does it again – we have to get past this Lola issue. And when he says Lola’s name for a third time, Summer’s had it. It’s over! she slams out.

Faith and Jordan congratulate themselves on how well they’re playing her parents. The more perfect you act the more you can get away with, Jordan coaches.

At Society, Nick and Phyllis talk about how sexy her chaos is. As for her other mess, Phyllis’ idea blew up in her face – but she can’t let Nick help her.

Claiming she’s just tired, Lily’s polite but has little to say to Billy other than ‘good night’ before clip-clopping out.

We were so close to turning everything around, Kyle’s followed Summer into the lobby to wail – I’m begging you! Both then look over at Lola (seated in TGP lounge with Elena) What is wrong with you? Lola blurts out – you’d let your insecurities ruin the best thing that’s ever happened to you? He’s begging you to take him back. Go! Be happy! Sorry – I didn’t mean to shout, Lola calms down – what I meant to say is that after all you’ve been through you should be together. She and Elena then head off to their dinner reservation. Outside, Lola declines Elena’s suggestion that they call the night off. Inside, Kyle wants to keep talking. No, it’s over! Summer leaves him looking lonely and alone.