Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

Abby awakens with a satisfied smile.

Elena’s at CL’s looking depressed.

Summer’s in the boardroom with a pouty face as she fantasizes about celebrating one year as Kyle’s wife and co-CEO of Jabot.

Elena fantasizes that Devon shows up at CL’s – what are you doing here? she asks.

Chance comes out with a cop hat and uniform (no shirt) Abby clutches the sheets up to her neck in mock horror – Detectives Chancellor, are you here to interrogate me? Afraid so – detectives don’t wear uniforms – but this is YOUR fantasy, he approaches the bed.

In reality, Chance is well-dressed and ready to go meet Paul. Abby sees no reason for him to be nervous – she’s sure Chance will get the job.

Elena’s fantasy of kissing Devon is interrupted by a coffee-pot toting Mariah – refill? How do you get someone to forgive the worst kind of betrayal? Elena asks.

At Jabot, Summer will resign if Jack wants her to and considers it might be time to give up her schoolgirl fantasies about life, work, love etc. and accept reality.

Abby thanks Chance for letting her sleep in. She slept well, feeling safe and loved with his arms wrapped around her. Let’s have a picnic lunch to celebrate Paul giving you the job. Her smile fades when Chance suggests he might be working his first case by lunchtime.

Elena’s brought Mariah upstairs to the apartment to deliver her news in privacy. Mariah’s stunned; Devon must be too. He’s still reeling from finding out that Hilary has a twin. Elena was hoping Mariah could be there for Devon – and maybe see the situation from both sides. Yeah, Mariah can understand how insecurities lead to a bad decision. She cheated on Tessa, but not with her cousin. Sorry to say, but Mariah’s not sure Devon will be able to forgive Elena.

Amanda’s at Devon’s to update him that every student who received a scholarship is doing well. You should be proud. That’s not the only reason she dropped by. Officially considering them friends, Amanda wanted to see how Devon’s doing.

At Society, Kyle removes his ring as Lola comes out of the kitchen to say hello. There for a quick bite, he didn’t think she’d be in so early. Yes, he should be at work but needed a change of scenery. A Summerless view? Lola quips. Apologizing for her outburst last night, she and tells Kyle that Summer confronted her a few days ago (on assumptions made after seeing them chatting at CL’s) Encouraged to go face Summer at work, Kyle will do so – after breakfast.

Summer doesn’t know how Jack can be so understanding; she’s sorry to hear about Dina, who was an inspiration to her. Jack hopes Summer can put her conflict with Kyle aside to attend the memorial. And if Dina was an inspiration to you, no more talk about resigning. Sure she’ll be able to leave the drama outside the office, Jack still has faith in Summer and Kyle as a couple.

At CL’s, Mariah will indeed keep her fingers crossed that Chance gets the job; he and Rey would make a great team. She hopes Abby’s ready for the crazy schedule of a detective; a job that can be all-consuming. Left to envision a life spent waiting for Chance to come home from work, Abby leaves him a message. Meet me if you can for lunch – love you ~click~

Summer looks through the window of Society to see Kyle and Lola, fantasizing that they rip their clothes off. Giving her head a shake, Summer looks surprised to see that Kyle and Lola aren’t even interacting.