Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

Vikki’s surprised Nick showed up (at her office) He’s willing to put her issues with Phyllis aside to present a united front against Adam. Vikk doesn’t want Dad involved – this is our fight now, she says as Adam arrives.

Adam thanks his siblings for meeting him on such short notice. He’s there to give them something they want – freedom from me. He’s going to live his life without being part of the Newman family. What’s the catch? Nick asks. Nothing, just let me live in peace, Adam leaves Vikki to ask Nick – what the hell was that?

Kyle’s trying, Phyllis wonders how many hoops Summer expects him to jump through. You keep moving the goalposts. Worried that Kyle might still be in love with Lola, Summer can’t do this again.

When Kyle agrees that Lola will do a good job with the catering, Theo notes the high praise for his ex wife. Next – the reading of the will. Jack says there’s been only one change made since Graham Bloodworth. When Theo asks what the change was, Kyle accuses him of wanting a piece of the pie. His tone harsh, Jack’s tabling the reading of the will until after the service.

Phyllis advises Summer to slow down – why does it have to be all or nothing? There’s no need to rush into marriage – let the game come to you. It’s good advice, Summer will think about it. And why won’t you let Dad buy the hotel for you? she asks. Yes, we all know you can fix your own problems – it’s the way you fix them that worries us.

Back on the patio, Chloe thinks Chelsea should think of a new name for her fashion line. She appreciates Chelsea giving their friendship and partnership another chance. When Chelsea’s open to the idea but not sure she can design anything right now, Chloe wonders if there’s something her BFF isn’t telling her.

Nick wonders if Adam’s sincere in leaving town. Dad would feel like he died all over again, Vikki comments – she doesn’t believe Adam but isn’t afraid of him.

Meeting Victor at Society, Adam slides a folder across the table; a copy of his request for a court order. He’s legally changed his name from Adam Newman to Adam Wilson – severing all ties to the Newman family.

Ashley’s happy to hear that Abby’s moving ahead with her plans to have a baby with Chance. Remembering that the last thing Dina said to her was ‘learn from my mistakes’, she’ll honour her grandmother’s memory by being a good Mother.

Jack scolds Kyle – you have everything, Theo has nothing. He’s still family. Kyle knows that – but Theo will use that against us the rest of his life.

Traci’s followed Theo to CL’s – because that’s what family does. Grief pushes people to say and do things they don’t mean. Theo still feels like an outsider. He wants to believe Traci, the nice one, that it’s not intentional. He’s accepted that he’ll never be accepted (and without further word, leaves Traci to look sad)

The name change isn’t an attack, regardless of what Nick and Vikki think (not that he cares) You rejected your Father’s name, he reminds Victor. The atrocities I committed belong to Adam Newman, not Adam Wilson. So be it, but Victor warns that it’ll be hard to come back from that. Adam wouldn’t want to. I’m done with all of you, he leaves Victor to sigh unhappily.

Summer’s summoned Kyle to the park – she’s been thinking a lot about what he said. Kyle interrupts her to say that if she can’t trust him, she’s right – we’re better off apart. Summer looks stunned.

Chelsea’s annoyed – why doesn’t anyone believe that I’m perfectly fine? As she grabs her coat to march inside the coffee shop, she touches her temple and looks to be in pain before fainting to the floor. Chloe leaps into action – Chelsea!? Someone help me!

Chance is with Abby at Society. After brief mention of their plans to have a baby, he worries about Adam. The worst is yet to come; he’s up to something. Abby looks worried.

Victor’s at Newman with Nick and Vikki to inform that Adam’s legally changed his name back to Wilson. Vikki thinks it for the best – you’ll have to finally let him go.

At the penthouse, Adam takes a drink and looks relieved (but red-eyed and feverish)