Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Ice pack to her head (at the Chancellor Estate) Chelsea’s sure the overwhelming stress she’s under is what caused her to faint. Chloe won’t stop worrying until the test results come back.

Adam’s not at ChanceCom to fight with Billy – he wants a truce. Adam saw his true self in the expose and wants to change. You want me to believe you’re a changed man AND you want me to forgive you? Billy scoffs.

At CL’s, Nate scolds Elena for ignoring his calls and running off on him at the park the other day. If she’s willing to listen, there’s something he needs to say.

Devon’s back from his one-night trip to sign a new artist to LP) At TGP, Amanda thinks it looks like Devon partied a little too hardy. He was just looking out for himself for once – it’s a better way to go. You don’t really believe that, do you? she doesn’t.

Nate’s realized that it was selfish and unfair to tell Elena how he felt, knowing she loves Devon. He wants nothing to do with me, she asks about Nate’s hand (which he hopes the doctors have good news about) She seems conflicted when Nate leaves with a simple ‘have a good one’.

Musicians like to have parties, Devon shrugs it off. He won’t go down the self-medicating road ever again. Amanda worries he’s more upset (about Elena and Nate) than he’s letting on. She heard from her PI that when someone asked Rose who the baby’s Father was, she almost bit her head off. She’s not sure she wants to pursue it.

Chloe’s not surprised to hear that Chelsea reached out to Billy for access to Johnny – you gave birth to him. Chelsea wasn’t shown an ounce of empathy.

Back at ChanceCom, Adam’s adamant that Chelsea’s left him for good. Let’s just ignore each other – he denies breaking into Vikki’s home and is dead serious about leaving the Newman family behind – feel free to print that, he snaps at Billy.

At Society, Adam’s sorry to hear that Jack’s Mother died. He has a complicated relationship with Dina – she passed peacefully. Adam was grateful to have been with his Mother when she died. Peace, it’s all any of us want. Yes, Adam is as calm as he appears. He’s finally out of the darkness.

Devon tells Amanda to follow the advice she gave him – don’t avoid the truth no matter how difficult it is to face. She may or may not keep digging into her past.

At CL’s, Nate assumes Lily’s as furious with him as Devon is. He trusted you – how could you do this? Shatter our family in one night. She’s glad her Dad’s not here to see this.

Nate will understand if Lily hates him; he hates himself – but is so worried about Devon and Elena. He even implies that he deserved his injury. Lily’s actions have hurt her brother; for him to lose another woman…. No matter what, there’s still hope. If he can forgive me, anything’s possible, Lily concludes.

Kevin comes home to hear that Chloe’s invited Chelsea to stay with them. She doesn’t want to impose. It’s a mansion, pick a wing (Kevin’s also delighted to hear that Adam’s been dumped)

Back at Society, Adam reminds Jack that he went to great lengths to stick it to Victor (even using me) Jack’s surprised to hear that Adam’s no longer with Chelsea. He won’t tell Jack what he’s up to next – you and the rest of this town will find out soon enough. The look on your face is priceless, Adam leaves with a chuckle.