Wednesday, October 28th, 2020

Sharon arrives at CL’s to tell Chelsea why she’s in such a ‘chipper’ mood – she’s on her way to being cancer-free. Chelsea’s happy to hear it but changes her tone to snap that she left Adam – he’s all yours now.

At the penthouse, Adam types on his laptop – then his phone.

Phyllis invites Nick to go upstairs to play. When his phone pings, he frowns at it. It’s a message from Adam.

In her office, Vikki also looks displeased with her phone. Adam’s text reads ‘Need to meet. Urgent. Just the three of us’.

Putting his belt on, Chance feels so lucky to be with the most beautiful woman in the world. Doubting she has a pregnancy ‘glow’, Abby isn’t looking forward to helping plan Dina’s funeral. He’s not looking forward to the quick stop he has to make on his way to the station.

At the house, Kyle has his Teardrop of Love tie-clip on, Jack his cufflinks. He hopes today will go smoothly, Kyle’s sure it will – just us Abbotts – what could go wrong? he asks as the doorbell chimes. It’s Theo.

Chelsea doesn’t want to talk about it and when Sharon can’t help being concerned about Adam’s emotional state, she sure doesn’t need Sharon’s diagnosis of why Adam’s obsessed with her. Chloe appears to summon Chelsea onto the patio for a talk.

The Abbotts are so pleased Theo could join them and sorry they didn’t get a chance to call him before Dina died. He understands. After Abby arrives, they all smile about Dina planning her own funeral and reminisce about the parties she used to throw. Obviously uncomfortable, Theo goes to the kitchen for coffee.

Phyllis isn’t able to talk Nick into staying with her instead of meeting Adam. It’s better to know what he’s up to, Nick does indeed know that Phyllis has his back.

Chance stops by the penthouse with good news. The inquiry’s over; he’s on the police force. That means we’re officially off the hook. You still obsessing over that article? Adam closes his laptop to claim that he’s found a new purpose since Chelsea left. Chance is alarmed – No, it’s not for the best – she’s the one keeping you out of trouble. See yourself out, Adam goes upstairs to prepare for an important meeting. What the hell is he up to? Chance is left to ask himself.

At her Mother’s insistence, Summer updates that Kyle pulled out all the stops and props to convince her of his love. She’s not sure she believes him.

Traci announces that she’s writing a book about the Teardrop of Love – all proceeds to be donated to Alzheimer’s research. Theo’s back to hear how Jack tracked the necklace down – and found a way for them all to share in the miracle. As Theo notices the new jewelry they’re all wearing, Ashley announces her plans to create a new fragrance in Dina’s memory – she too will donate proceeds to Alzheimer’s research. Theo’s suggestion to have ChanceCom run a tribute to Dina, is rejected by Kyle (who doesn’t want her or the family exploited) Traci likes the idea. Jack thinks strengthening the Abbott family bond is what Dina would want.

On the patio, Chloe wants to reboot Chelsea’s fashion line – leave Adam out of it and start fresh.