Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Billy wonders why Lily was giving him the cold shoulder – something Vikki said? Lily reports that Vikki shared concerns about ChanceCom. But she’s not worried; she trusts in their friendship/partnership. Insisting she put work aside, Billy declares nothing more important than them going out for dinner.

At Society, Billy and Lily debate whether Adam’s sincere in wanting peace – or planning revenge. Lily thinks everyone has the ability to change. Billy admires that. They toast to ‘second chances’.

Nick was hoping to find Nate at the clinic – how bad’s the damage to your hand? Worse than Nate’s willing to admit; he’s scared.

Devon’s at the apartment with Elena to say her and Nate probably belong together. He lists what they have in common – and you deserve each other. Be happy with him if that’s what you want. Elena knows she did something terrible but has never known Devon to be so intentionally cruel. If you wanted to punish me, you achieved your goal.

Sure, Billy’s annoying but Lily can find a lot to praise him on. I see right through you and you’re glad I do she smiles.

Now in her suite, Amanda picks up a thick binder – then changes her mind.

Nate doesn’t want to discuss it – he’ll just let things unfold. Nick offers support – he doesn’t believe he’d risk hurting Devon like that if there wasn’t something between him and Elena.

Elena would undo what happened with Nate if she could. She appreciates everything Devon’s done for her. She fell for his big, beautiful hurt – and wanted him to feel as protected as she did. That’s why she stood with him against Amanda. You gave me someone to fight for. Why’d you throw it all way then? Devon asks.

Chelsea appreciates Chloe and Kevin’s warm welcome. They’ll do whatever they can to help her get past Adam. He’s gone too far this time, Chelsea vows that he’s on his own.

At the penthouse, Adam types away on his laptop – pausing briefly to put a framed photo of Chelsea and Connon away in a drawer.

As they wait for the elevator, Lily recalls Billy mentioning a kiss; one she walked away from. But as the elevator doors close, she walks towards a surprised Billy. I’m not walking away now, she purrs.

Amanda makes a call – she’d like to meet Nadine. I’ll leave for Evanston as soon as it’s arranged ~click~

Nate confides to Nick that he fought his feelings for Elena, knowing it was wrong. Opening up to her only upset her. Now, Nate needs to recover and move on, without Elena.

Devon assures Elena that what they had was real – even if it wasn’t enough to keep her from having sex with Nate. If you love me and don’t have feelings for me, how’d we get here? You made a conscious choice to be with my cousin. I’m not gonna forgive that, he leaves Elena to weep.

Next week; We’ve been too solemn, Jack decides. It’s time to liven things up a bit. Let’s give this grand dame the party she deserves, Theo’s onboard (as Ashley dances awkwardly) … Adam finds Chelsea looking at his laptop. Tell me this isn’t what I think it is …. And you are? Summer asks of the woman who appears in Jabot’s boardroom. Sally, Sally Spectra, the woman smiles.