Friday, October 30th, 2020

Jack’s at the house, preparing to say his final goodbyes to his Mother.

Lola runs into Kyle at CL’s – he’s sneaking coffee into Dina’s funeral; she lit a candle for Dina and now needs to go get Society ready for the after-reception. There’s a lot of subtle eye-rolling when Summer walks in.

Chance finds Abby fussing over last-minute details. He offers to call Paul and take a personal day to help.

Jack feels as if he’s losing part of his heart. Come with us, Ashley and Traci want to go as a family – but will leave Jack to himself for a few more minutes. We’ll save you a seat at the front. I just need a bit more time, Jack repeats to himself – then takes out a box to hold the Teardrop of Love to his heart.

Summer’s not surprised to find Kyle and Lola together. Lola reminds that she lives upstairs – she’s sorry for the other night but still feels Summer’s wrong for turning her back on the best thing that ever happened to her. Lola needs to get to work – try to have some consideration for what the Abbotts are going through – try not to make today about yourself, Lola leaves Summer to cut her rant off – I’ll go get my coffee somewhere else. Stay, Kyle implores.

Abby tells Chance not to worry about her family today – Dina would have loved you. Chance feels at home in GC for the first time ever – no longer a nomad, he looks forward to starting a family with Abby (who tells him to go to work and shows off the bracelet Jack had made for her – which also signifies her life with Chance)

At the park, Traci touches her necklace, Ashley her earrings. They share a smile.

Jack puts his cufflinks on and is surprised when Theo blocks the front door as he’s about to exit.

Kyle can’t take coffee into church so is having his at CL’s – he needs to know that they can run into each other without fighting. My Dad loves you – he’d want you at Dina’s funeral. And you don’t? Summer’s glum – today’s about honoring Dina.

Traci and Ashley discuss how they take after their Father. You inherited Dina’s cheekbones, Traci quotes one of her books – she’s working on another book ‘what I learned from my Mother’. That’ll be short, Ashley jokes – imagine abandoning your children that way> Traci chooses not too – she tears up over time missed with Colleen. Today is to think about those we’ve loved and lost, she and Ashley agree. We’ve all learned forgiveness. The necklace gave her happiness; thanks to Jack (and what he did with the Teardrop of Love)

Of course you’re welcome at your grandmother’s funeral, Jack assures – Kyle doesn’t set the rules. We’re family – you have aunts, uncles, cousins – Kyle will come around. Theo admires Jack’s optimism but Kyle will never accept me as part of this family. He doesn’t make the rules, Jack repeats.

Traci and Ashley are laughing about Katherine and Dina skinny dipping in heaven when Chance happens by. Ashley has a private moment to thank Chance for supporting her daughter. She won’t reprimand Chance – but have you met her Father? they chuckle.