Friday, October 30th, 2020

Still at CL’s, Kyle worries about his Dad – he feels alone now that Dina’s gone. She always got a kick out of you, Kyle tells Summer – loved your energy. Dina lit up quite a few rooms in her lifetime, they both look uncomfortable but decide to drive together.

At Society, Abby and Lola support one another and agree not to destroy Summer. Go say goodbye to Dina, Lola will handle things here.

Asking to see the Teardrop of Love, Theo comments on the jewelry Jack made for the people who were in the room with Dina when she died. I wish you’d been with us – maybe you’d feel a stronger bond with the family. Theo appreciates that – but looks troubled as Jack heads for the door.

Looking in at the Abbott’s mourning Dina, Theo leaves Society. Jack thanks Summer for coming – she’ll always have his support. When she hopes they haven’t blown their last chance, Lola overhears. Aside, Kyle tells Traci not to get her hopes up about him and Summer. Ashley tells Abby that Chance is the real deal. Yes, she sees a beautiful future with him. As Jack asks all to raise a glass, Lola’s alarmed when Theo appears – he likes to make an entrance. Jack speaks from the heart about the woman they’ll all remember; one of a kind; bold, brash, stubborn etc. We shall not see again a person like her – to Dina, al echo and drink.

Though Lola disapproves of Theo’s plan to crash the service, he marches into the restaurant to boom with a grin ‘Good afternoon Abbotts’.

Theo was under the impression Dina wanted this service to be a party – so, where’s the party? She loved music, dancing and parties. He then plays a tune Dina used to hum. ‘I want it all’ plays. Lola shakes her head. Perfect, Jack and the ladies are pleased – Kyle and Summer, not so much. When Lola comes out with a plate of food, she joins the part (after Kyle marches out in a huff)

Summer’s chased Kyle to the park to lecture him for letting Theo upset him – everyone loves you. Maybe I overreacted, Kyle admits – he’s been under a lot of stress. My fiance dumped me. Everyone sees right through Theo, Summer continues her pep talk.

Back at Society, the Abbotts are sharing stories of Dina’s exploits when Chance joins them. All raise a glass and drink. Behind the bar, Theo smiles mischievously to himself as he drinks a shot.