Monday, November 2nd, 2020

Chelsea’s not pleased when she opens the door at the Chancellor Estate. You’re just the person I want to see, Victor states.

Adam’s on his phone at the penthouse. Yes, he knows it’s a tall order – just send it to the address I gave you. I’ll be paying in cash. Young Adam appears on the staircase – this is a bad idea, but you already know that, don’t you?

Vikki must be out of her mind! At Society, Phyllis rants to Nick about his sister booking three floors at a cut-rate for her ‘attendees’. Busy texting on his phone, Nick manages an ‘I know’. Yes, he’s been listening – for three hours. Briefly moving on to more seductive talk, Nick just has to hit the send button. Who are you texting? Phyllis wants to know.

At NE, Nikki’s alarmed; TGP will be hemorrhaging money due to Vikki’s low rate bookings. Is that wise since you own a stake in it? Yes, NE can afford it and Vikki plans to pluck the feathers from the Phoenix one by one. Scoffing at the idea that Adam’s sincere in changing his name and cutting all ties, she receives a breakfast invitation via text.

At CL’s, Faith shows Jordan a text from a group chat (more cruel baby-switching jokes at her expense by so-called friends) Jordan sends a reply – if you want to come at Faith you have to go through me first. We’re practically sisters, she grins. Sisters?? Summer appears. Meet my new best friend, Faith gets a suspicious look.

Jordan’s brother Mason is in my class – but Jordan and I clicked, Faith explains to Summer. Receiving a text, Jordan quickly heads off to Brett’s house for a swim party. Noting that her little sister has quite a few older friends, Summer asks the disappointed Faith how she and Jordan came to be friends.

Without telling either his sister or girlfriend, Nick’s summoned Vikki to Society to meet with Phyllis. Nobody’s going anywhere til we wort this out, he pulls up a chair.

Chelsea’s surprised to hear that Adam changed his name, but it’s not her business anymore. Victor loves and worries about his son – so do you; so why aren’t you with him?

Young Adam pleads with the older version of himself – Mom wouldn’t like this. If this is so hard to hear, ask yourself why.

Challenged to make a profit on Vikki’s cut-rate bookings, Phyllis quickly comes up with an idea – have your attendees bring their partners; she’ll get a DJ and throw a huge party. Vikki’s onboard – let’s make it something unforgettable. Phyllis will talk to her people, Vikki hers. This will be mind-blowing. Took the words right out of my mouth, Nick’s mighty pleased with himself.

I’m not enough, after everything I’ve done for him, Chelsea no longer sees the Adam she loves. Wanting to know what his son’s up to, Victor’s not asking Chelsea to spy on Adam, just steer him in the right direction; for Connor. OK, but Chelsea wants something in return – access to Johnny.

Mom will be super mad and disappointed. If anything hurts her, it hurts us too, young Adam continues to make a pest of himself. Big Adam’s just doing what needs to be done. We were just trying to protect her – we aren’t evil, the boy wants Adam to be the man Mom wanted him to be. Alone, Adam’s alarmed that his mind’s playing tricks on him.