Monday, November 2nd, 2020

We bumped into each other wearing the same shirt at school, Faith doesn’t see the big deal – Jordan’s only two years older. Assured that Faith won’t do anything stupid, Summer’s relieved she’ll avoid the mistakes she made. Love you, she exits CL’s. Momentarily, Jordan sends Faith a text inviting her to the ‘lit’ pool party. Grab your bikini and look hot.

Nick watching from the bar, Phyllis bristles at Vikki’s orders to keep her people happy and turn a profit – don’t disappoint me. After she leaves, Phyllis declares Nick brilliant for getting the two most intelligent women he knows to come to an agreement.

Wasting no time, Chelsea’s back at the penthouse on the pretense of getting stuff she left behind. Adam noticed that (and gestures towards a suitcase he packed but didn’t send because he didn’t know where Chelsea was staying)

You changed your name? Chelsea relays that Victor’s concerned about Adam. So, you’re here on a mission, not to apologize, Adam concludes it’s time Chelsea leaves her key then accuses her of being obsessed with Sharon. She doesn’t want you – like everyone else, she knows you’re broken, Chelsea’s shrieking hits a nerve.

Nikki’s back in Vikki’s office – surprised to hear that she and Phyllis have made a plan to make money. There’s so many possibilities, Vikki looks mischievous.

In Jabot’s boardroom, Summer asks Kyle how he’s doing. Fine, now let’s get to work. Taken aback when Kyle does just that, Summer can’t do this anymore.

Everything between us is up in the air, Summer whines. No, it’s dead and buried, Kyle’s off to work someplace quiet (until Summer’s ready to discuss Jabot business and nothing else)

On the patio, Faith does a twirl for Jordan; who approves and jokes that if her parents only knew that she’s not a good influence. Brett’s totally hot, Jordan hopes Faith’s ready to have the time of her life.

You know exactly where I’m living now and it’s loud there – but Chelsea loves the sounds of a happy family – does Adam remember what that sounds like? she reminisces about happier times with Connor. You wanted me out of your life – and that’s exactly what you got! Adam barks.

Alone in the boardroom, Summer’s interrupted when a woman comes in to say she’s a little lost. And you are? Sally, Sally Spectra.

Back at TGP, Phyllis thanks Nick and offers to show him her appreciation – upstairs. No, she doesn’t need to ask twice – let’s go, Nick eagerly follows.

Victor’s at NE to update Vikki and Nikki that he asked Chelsea to reconcile with Adam. I love my son but he’s planning something big (so Victor’s using Chelsea to find out what)

At the penthouse, Adam needs to take a call – in private. Chelsea can show herself out. Left alone, she sits to take a peek at Adam’s laptop. OMG, what are you planning? she mutters looking horrified.