Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

Please tell me this isn’t what it looks like, Chelsea confronts Adam on what’s on his laptop.

At CL’s, Sharon won’t let Rey and Mariah fuss over her – her mind’s clear – her margins are clear – she’s happy to be cleaning the espresso machine and looks forward to planning her wedding. It doesn’t get better than this.

I’m fine, go ahead, Faith sends Jordan off to join the party. Why are you wasting time with that Newman loser? a male voice asks.

Tell me you aren’t planning what it looks like you’re planning, Chelsea asks. Adam notes the fear and distrust in her eyes. These are schematics for Newman Tower, with a red X over the CEO office. Why shouldn’t I be suspicious?

Sally tells the unimpressed Summer that she’s there to meet Lauren; she and my Great Aunt go way back. Call-me-Jack arrives to introduce himself. Do you know her? Summer asks. Only by reputation, Jack smiles.

Told that Sally was named after her Great Aunt and Spectra Fashions, Summer’s sorry – yes, she’s heard of it. Lauren will be in a meeting for a few hours. Jack asks Summer to show Sally where CL’s is – we’ll talk when you get back. Everyone’s so nice here, Sally gushes.

On the CL’s patio, Kyle scolds Theo for taking over Dina’s service. The rest of the family had a blast, Theo’s smug.

Outside, Faith wipes lipstick off her mouth then reads a text from Jordan (wondering where she is and hoping she’s gone off with some hot guy) Sharon’s surprised to see Faith – start to see your friends again. Faith insists she’s fine – she’d just rather be there than at a sleepover. Mariah looks concerned.

Stop and think, Chelsea warns Adam not to do something he can’t come back from. Think of Connor. Shooing Chelsea out, Adam makes a call – change of plans; I need you to take care of something – right now.

Returning to the Chancellor Estate, Chelsea can’t hide her emotions from Chloe but claims she’s just worried about Connor. Walking away from Adam is for the best, Chloe runs upstairs to tend to Miles. Chelsea wastes no time calling Chance (at Society) She needs to discuss Adam’s state of mind.

Thrilled that Faith’s spending the evening with her, Sharon goes into the kitchen. What really happened?Mariah guesses that Jordan was ‘partying’ (drinking, smoking – or touching each other’s bathing suit areas) You’re so embarrassing, Faith cringes. Rejoining the girls, Sharon looks concerned.

Back on the patio, Theo knows where he stands in the family; everyone received a piece of the Teardrop of Love except for him. He’s satisfied with the time he spent with his grandmother. They then butt heads over which one of them is butthurt. Whatever you’re trying to pull, it won’t work, Kyle exits.