Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

Looking at NE’s schematics on his laptop, Adam won’t let his young alter ego talk him out of his plans. Everything that’s happened has lead to this.

After putting Miles in his bassinet for a nap, Chloe’s happy to hear Chelsea’s ready to get started on launching their fashion line. Declining an invite to the park, Chelsea’s invited Chance over.

Faith gripes that both her older sisters have hinted that they were troublemakers but won’t offer details. Mariah cut class and shoplifted. She was in a toxic environment and didn’t have the best influences (but plenty of bad ones) Guessing Faith knows a bit about that, Mariah feels lucky her mistakes weren’t big ones. Faith appreciates her concern but don’t worry – I’m fine.

Arriving on the patio with Sally, Summer’s eyebrows shoot up when it’s clear that she and Theo know (and like) each other.

Sharon’s pleasantly surprised when Rey arrives at CL’s to make wedding plans. Mariah’s enthusiastic, Faith not so much. Menu talk’s put on hold until Lola’s there to weigh in. Tessa will be enlisted to perform. Busy on her phone, Faith’s sad to see that a photo of her has been posted to the group for more mocking.

You two know each other? Summer’s informed that Sally dated a jackass friend of Theo’s. If Sally’s staying in town, Theo insists he take her out for dinner. Summer huffs.

At the park with Kevin, Chloe and the baby, Chance isn’t sure why Chelsea’s summoned him to the estate. Chloe hopes he doesn’t advocate for the toxic Adam – and that he hasn’t ruined Chelsea’s life forever.

A mystery man barges through the Estate’s front door and grabs Chelsea as she squeels for her life.

Kevin has no details on why Chelsea wants to speak to Chance. She’s hiding something, Chloe has a bad feeling about this.

Ringing the doorbell a few times, Chance leaves a message for Chelsea – maybe an emergency came up? Call me back.

Taking Sally’s number, Theo promises to call her soon.

At CL’s, Summer warns Sally that Theo’s a heartless jerk; poison, Thanks for the information, Sally’s left looking interested.

Lauren joins Sally in Jabot’s boardroom. Sorry for keeping you waiting. She met Jack, Summer and ran into an old friend. Lauren’s kept an eye on Sally’s designs. What are your plans? Sally wants a new job in a new place.

Faith’s never seen her Mom look happier. Mariah tries to save her but gets distracted by a text about the wedding venue. Faith reads a text from Jordan – you’re missing everything. Sorry, my Mom needed me. Next time for sure.

Chloe and Kevin are home with Miles. Chelsea? Chloe utters a puzzled ‘huh’

Adam opens a box at the penthouse. Looks like it’s a canister of oxygen.