Thursday, November 5th, 2020

Billy stops by ChanceCom with an eclair for Lily. After Amanda leaves, Lily’s not comfortable with him going out of his way to buy her a treat. People will talk.

At Newman, Vikki’s surprised to hear that Chelsea mentioned seeing Johnny to Victor too. Doesn’t matter now though – Chelsea’s gone, he says.

After Adam gets on the elevator, Chance slips into the penthouse calling Chelsea’s name.

Abby thanks Devon for meeting her (at Society) After a brief mention of Elena and Nate, Abby’s almost embarrassed to say that things couldn’t be better with Chance.

Adam’s up to something, Victor insists they stop him before he takes things too far. Grumbling that her Dad will only forgive Adam anyway, she asks what he has in mind. An intervention? Nick appears in the doorway – please, tell me you’re kidding, Nick appears in the doorway.

Billy doubts buying his partner a pastry will lead to gossip – and who cares if we occasionally make out in the elevator? No, Lily doesn’t regret the kiss – it was great. OK, amazing – but we need to be discreet (Amanda might catch on) Following her to the elevator, Billy’s amused that Lily’s already eating the eclair. She’ll take the stairs.

Chance is arranging a romantic dinner for Abby; she sees marriage and kids in their future. Things are natural and easy between them. Devon’s happy she found true love.

Chelsea awakens from a nightmare in which Adam holds the key and cackles about being a monster. Trying to stand up, a weak Chelsea crumples to the floor.

We have a serious problem on our hands – Adam lashes out when cornered. Victor wants to keep him close to keep an eye on him. With Chelsea gone, he has no one else to turn to. Good, Nick and Vikki both told Chelsea she’s better off without Adam. Victor asked Chelsea to reign Adam in. Vikki concedes – her Dad might have a point.

Still at Society, Abby’s pleased that Dina’s legacy will live on with Hamilton Winters. Likewise, Devon wants to honour Kay’s memory with his charity work. Abby has a related business proposal. Devon then gets a text from Amanda – she wants to meet.

Vikki thinks it possible that bringing Adam in for an intervention might give them some clue as to what he’s up to. Nick’s out – you know he’ll never give up. Vikki orders her Dad to arrange a meeting with Adam, today – she’ll work on convincing Nick. After their Dad leaves, Vikki confides to Nick that she’s setting a trap for Adam.

At CL’s, Adam offers an awkward apology and congratulations. He’s had an epiphany – you and Chelsea were right. I’m not a slave to the past – I can break the chains. Faith comes in to have a hissy fit – you’re here!? Why can’t you just leave us alone??

Vikki won’t give Adam a soft place to land, she’s going to call his bluff. If Adam’s serious about cutting off all ties to the family, he shouldn’t mind signing documents giving up any inheritance. Nick worries Dad will be furious. If Adam won’t sign, Dad will see through him. Is this about calling Adam’s bluff? Or Dad’s? Nick wonders. Why not both? Vikki smiles.