Thursday, November 5th, 2020

Faith loudly confronts Adam on everything he’s done – you’re disgusting!! You left Delia to die and lied about it because you’re a coward. You kidnapped me and let my parents think I was dead. Refusing to speak privately with her Mom, Faith marches out. What were you thinking? Sharon’s left to ask Adam.

Billy? OMG. You have to help me! Chelsea gasps. No, I’m here to help Adam (keep you far away from Johnny)

Why are you and Vikki so determined to keep me from Johnny? I’m a good Mom. You’re a con artist who hooked up with a sociopath. Neither Adam or I want you anywhere near Connor of Johnny, They’ll be raised to despise your memory. Realizing that she’s alone, Chelsea cries on the bed.

Faith needs support from her family, Sharon also disapproves of Adam blaming Vikki for the expose – that’s her Aunt! Please leave before Faith comes back. Rey arrives to determine that Adam’s done enough. And after he leaves, doesn’t look too impressed with Sharon either.

Devon approves of Abby’s idea; helping ex-felons, at-risk youth, the disabled etc. to train for jobs in the restaurant industry. He finds it comforting having Amanda around – her smile reminds him of the best days of his life.

Back at ChanceCom, Amanda can’t help but notice the chemistry between Lily and Billy after a successful meeting. Go celebrate. OK, she’s totally on to us, Billy’s left to admit.

Vikki’s on the phone; be sure to include stiff penalties if Adam breaks the terms. I need it asap. She’s sure he won’t sign it anyway. Dad will be furious, Nick adds. Vikki doesn’t care – he was pushing me to let Chelsea spend time with Johnny. Dad’s using Johnny as a bargaining chip? Nick doesn’t blame her. Dad will need to choose which side he’s on, Vikki concludes.

Chance accosts Rey at CL’s for a private word – he’s been tailing Adam. He and Chelsea split up – she’s disappeared. Her friend isn’t buying the texts. Asked about what Adam said earlier, Sharon relays that he wants to cut ties; start a fresh slate.

Back at ChanceCom, Billy agrees to keep things professional at the office – but what about outside of work. We’ll see, Lily smiles.

Amanda’s summoned Devon to TGP for an update on the search for her parents – she’s going to Evanston to connect with Nadine (Rose’s neighbour) Devon appreciates the distraction from Elena and Nate. You can consider me family if you want, Amanda offers. Devon likes that – Hilary would too.

Sharon leaves a message asking Faith to call her. She’s a good kid, sounds like she stood up to Adam. She was so upset when she left, Sharon worries.

Jordan thanks Faith for finally answering her text messages. She knows why she left the party (big mouth Cory was saying stuff about her) I should have defended you. Jordan wants to make it up to Faith and is happy to hear she stood up to her Uncle Adam. I might have something that might help, she rummages through her purse.

Pulling a metal bar from the bedframe, Chelsea tries to jimmy the lock.

Returning to the penthouse, Adam ignores his younger self to take a call from Victor (who wants to see him later at Newman Towers; the CEO office) Adam looks forward to settling things between them.

Next Week: Chance gets on bended knee. He has a question to ask Abby – I hope you’re ready for it …. You don’t strike me as the type who’d be content with getting Lauren Fenmore her morning coffee. Sally has her eyes on a bigger prize … Chance looks up to see a gun aimed at Adam (distracted on his phone) Adam! Watch out! Chance runs over to tackle him.