Friday, November 6th, 2020

‘I’m almost there’, Abby’s meeting Chance at the park before going to a family meeting: topic Adam. She’s surprised by an overload of Thanksgiving decor and Chance gushing about how happy he is. On bended knee, he has a question to ask.

Since she works just down the hall, Nikki’s the first to join Victor. The goal of this meeting is to make Adam feel he’s part of the family; a plan even Vikki agrees with, Victor believes.

In the CEO office, Vikki’s drawn up a contract she doubts Adam will sign (as it gives up any claim to Dad’s estate or the company) No, she’s not worried how Dad will react – are you with me or not? she asks Nick. When Victor and Nikki arrive, he thinks Vikki should tell them what SHE’S been working on.

At the penthouse, Adam replies to a text from whoever he’s got tailing Victor (so knows he’s at Newman) Keep me posted, he orders – no delays. On his laptop, then phone Adam changes status from ‘inactive’ to ‘armed’.

Lily drops by Devon’s penthouse to check up on him. I love you, I’m your sister, she chides.

At GCM, Dr Fraser tells Nate what he already knows; be patient – he’s referring him to a great physical therapist. Elena appears to say that it’s too early to predict an outcome; (hand) numbness is to be expected. Nate doesn’t appreciate her input and can only hope he’ll be able to practice medicine again.

This isn’t happening, Abby gasps at Chance (and the dazzling ring he’s holding) I don’t just want kids with you, I want everything with you. Make me the happiest man ever – say yes.

What are these mysterious papers Nick’s talking about? Victor asks. Vikki claims it’s a speech for her round table project (thanks a lot Nick) Adam will be here shortly, Victor announces. Nick and Nikki clearly don’t want to be there – Adam will never change. Victor wishes Nick was onboard (like Vikki) A call from Sharon (who wants to discuss Faith) gives Nick a reason to leave. And when Victor steps out to call Abby, Nikki’s skeptical that Vikki’s onboard with this meeting to make peace with Adam.

Still at the penthouse, Adam flashes back to telling Victor that he’s changing his name – then facing Chelsea’s questions when finding the a layout of Newman Tower on his laptop. Don’t do something you can’t come back from, both had implored.

At CL’s, Sharon tells Nick that Faith really exploded on Adam. His response? To blame Vikki for the expose and express hope that Faith would one day forgive him as she (Sharon) had. Both are glad she’s with Jordan and not alone. Nick hopes Sharon finally realizes that Adam’s incapable of redemption; he has no soul to save.

Abby has Chance stand up. I love you, more than I’ve ever loved anyone, she gushes. Yada, yada, yada ‘babies’. Yada, yada, yada, ‘children’. Her answer is YES!

On the CL’s patio, Nate just needs some space to wrap his head around this. His hand is a numb reminder of who he used to be – I want to grieve in peace. When Elena takes the blame, Nate knows he’s responsible for tanking his career.

Lily’s wants ChanceCom to get into music streaming; we could compete with LP, or be partners. Devon would love to work with Lily (who’s thought it all through) Devon wonders if Lily’s bringing him this because he needs something to focus on besides Elena.

Abby and Chance will one day tell their children about this perfect day. Words aren’t enough – Abby will skip her family meeting to go make out. Getting a text update that Adam hasn’t left his building, Chance is game.

Still at the penthouse, his device ‘armed’, Adam gets a text that sends him running out the door; ‘She’s gone, somehow she escaped – what now’?