Friday, November 6th, 2020

Mildly insulted at Devon’s suggestion that she has ulterior motives, Lily then asks him to work on his trust issues; then iron out legal details with Amanda. You want to distract me from Elena, Devon again suspects. Would that be so bad? Lily doesn’t deny it this time.

Nate may never get over feeling guilty but people make mistakes – what Devon did was malicious. We all acted on impulse, Elena states. You lost your boyfriend, I lost my livelihood, Nate then claims that if Devon was paying attention he’d have seen this coming. What are you talking about? Elena’s confused.

Nick needs to head back to NE for the meeting with Adam (though he’d rather congratulate Faith for standing up to him) We raised her well, he assures Sharon.

Chance still in bed, Abby’s dressed and wearing the most beautiful ring in the world; a symbol of our love. She’s sure everyone will be overjoyed for them; a bright new beginning after being rid of Adam. After she leaves, Chance gets a call – our target’s on his way to NE (Chance is too)

This is business, no agenda – but Lily still pushes Devon in Amanda’s direction. He throws her off-guard by mentioning her putting her past with Billy behind her to become partners.

Abby slips her ring into her purse before joining her parents and Vikki at NE. Adam’s late but is to be made welcome when he finally does arrive. Abby relays Chance’s concern re: Adam. He’s not ‘beyond help’, Victor wouldn’t abandon any of his children – at least Vikki sees my point of view (she squirms) Adam WILL be here and surprise us all, Victor has faith.

Finding the room Chelsea was locked in empty, Adam’s then confronted by Chance – who wants to know what the hell’s going on here.

Nothing happened with Billy and Lily is NOT blushing. OK, maybe it’s a little something. You have a thing for bad boys, Devon teases. He understands ‘complicated’.

Back on the patio, Nate’s not so sure sleeping with Elena was a mistake. If not for Devon, it would have been the start of something. He wrecked his hand and reputation because Elena won’t accept what’s in her heart. You make me feel horrible, Elena gripes. Nate stands – it’s time to move on. There’s nothing keeping me here, he leaves Elena conflicted.

Nick’s back to update the fam that Faith’s with a friend – he has more important things to do than wait around for Adam to show up and see the error of his ways. And no, Vikki doesn’t think that will happen, he tattles.

Where’s Chelsea? Chance demands answers. Angry at being interrogated, Adam will go find a lawyer and shut this down.

Adam’s not answering Victor’s call and Abby can’t reach Chance. All agree they need to end this and face the truth; Adam won’t change. Give up on him. Victor refuses.

Chance follows Adam outside; where’s Chelsea? What is this place? A property Adam owns – he’s tired of the accusations (and this time from a friend) I don’t have Chelsea, I don’t have you – I’m done with all of you, Adam gets a text – Victor still at location. As his hand hovers over a big red button on his phone, Chance spots a gun on the roof and shoves Adam to the ground.