Monday, November 9th, 2020

At CL’s, Abby has more pleasant things to discuss than Adam – Chance and I are getting married! Admiring the engagement ring, Vikki’s thrilled – this is the happy ending her sister deserves.

Meanwhile, at some loading dock, Adam gets up gasping and barks at the motionless Chance (then notices the pool of blood he’s laying in)

Lucky coincidence or is Sally at Society hoping to run into Theo? She’s there for the food. Hearing she has a new job as Lauren’s executive assistant, Theo suggests a drink to celebrate. Well, it’s no fun to celebrate alone, Sally agrees.

Strolling through Chancellor Park, Sharon and Rey discuss poor Faith; her argument with Adam. She’s now with her friend Jordan but Sharon’s worried about her daughter.

Nick returns to Phyllis’ suite to fill her in on Victor calling a meeting to ‘save Adam’s soul’ – and he didn’t even show up. There’s more – Faith let loose on Adam when finding him with Sharon at CL’s. Nick wants to ‘dismantle’ him piece by piece.

Chance, Chance – can you hear me? Behind a dumpster, Adam puts on gloves, grabs his phone off the pavement, calls for an ambulance – then puts the phone back. I just called for help, he says as sirens wail in the background. Getting a text informing him that Victor has left Newman Towers, Adam mutters ‘sorry’ as he leaves Chance.

Back at the park, Sharon reports that Faith’s watching a movie with Jordan and claims to be OK. Their walk is interrupted when Rey gets a call – Chance has been shot, he runs off.

Phyllis is impressed to hear that Faith stood up to Adam – she’ll grow up to be a strong woman. Nick grins; ironic that Phyllis is praising a strong Newman woman.

Bella home with Ester, Kevin and Chloe wheel a stroller into TGP. He chides her for fixating on her phone – Chelsea’s fine and just needs some time (according to her text) When the Baldwins arrive to gush over the baby, Chloe pitches a new designer Lauren may be interested in. Send her portfolio to my new assistant, Sally Spectra. Lauren requests, She’s a bit of a troublemaker, Chloe’s heard. The same could be said for you and Kevin, Lauren jokes.

Over drinks, Theo tells Sally that he doesn’t just want a share of his grandmother’s fortune – he wants all of it. Sally wonders how he’s entitled to Dina’s estate. Payback for all the years Theo’s Dad missed with her. The Abbotts don’t need Dina’s money – I do, Theo doubts Sally will blow up his plan by tattling to the Abbotts. Watching them for a few seconds, Summer speed-walks out like she just might.

As Kevin prattles on about the future he’s got all mapped out for baby Miles, Chloe’s distracted by her phone. Not hearing from the one person she needs to, Chloe knows she can be a bit overdramatic but not this time.

Phyllis is in a good place with the Newman women; Nikki’s cordial and supportive of the escape club – Abby’s off her radar (thank God); Vikki’s pleasant and silent (which may not be a good thing; she could strike out like a cobra) Nick thinks Vikki’s focused on getting rid of Adam. There’s a bed behind you, Phyllis suggests they use it.

Asking about how Chance proposed, Vikki points out that the bride’s an Abbott/Newman, the groom is a Chancellor – three of GC’s most powerful families coming together. It’ll have to be a wedding that people talk about forever.

On oxygen and a gurney, Chance’s breathing is shallow and weak. What happened? Rey asks. Adam, Chance murmurs before passing out.

In Jabot’s boardroom, Kyle asks Summer what’s wrong. After seeing Theo and Sally ‘huddling up’ together at Society, Summer feels that something’s off – why would some big-time LA designer take a job as Lauren’s assistant? She’s up to something.