Monday, November 9th, 2020

Having shared his plan, Theo wants to hear Sally’s. OK, she came to GC to convince Jack to let her take over Jabot Collective. Unfortunately, it’s been shut down. No, it was sold to Fenmore’s, Theo can probably help her land JVC – if she’ll be his eyes and ears at Jabot to help him get his inheritance – deal?

Back at CL’s, Vikki’s further delighted to hear that her sister’s already trying to get pregnant. Abby then gets a call that wipes the smile off her face. Wait, what? I’m on my way. Chance has been shot. He’s at GCM. I’ll drive you, Vikki jumps up too.

At the penthouse, a frantic Adam pulls Chelsea’s purse out of a drawer and puts it in a garbage bag. He then goes on his laptop to delete a floorplan of NE (complete with a big red ‘X’) He sends a quick text; Plan aborted. Lay low. Lot of heat coming my way.

You don’t like Sally so letting your imagination run wild, Kyle thinks it as simple as that. Summer’s intuition is impeccable – you have to believe me on this. Kyle believes Summer feels threatened; thinking there might only be room for one brazen, strong, occasionally devious woman in GC. Is that what you think of me? Summer’s insulted.

I help you get Jabot Collective – you help me get my inheritance. I’ll even give you a piece of it, Theo offers. Sally sees right through Theo – mildly successful in NY you came to GC expecting to be a big star. Except GC has it’s own hierarchy and you don’t fit in anywhere; in business or the Abbott family. You aren’t confident; you’re reckless and cocky. Sally doesn’t need anyone’s help getting what she wants.

Phyllis is still in bed when a bare-chested Nick gets a call from Vikki. OMG – is he OK? It’s Chance, he tells Phyllis after the call ends.

Something’s wrong, Chloe’s not even sure Chelsea sent her the text. The Baldwins are surprised to hear that she left Adam. Paul appears to summon Mike away from the group – Chance has been shot. He’s in surgery. We could be looking at a high-profile case. Chance managed to say one word to Rey before he blacked out – Adam.

Mike will update his family then meet Paul outside for a ride to the station. Getting a call from Rey, Paul tells him to wrap things up at Memorial; then, you know what to do. Across the room, Mike doesn’t have answers to his family’s questions. Who would do this? they’re left to wonder. Sure Adam’s responsible, Chloe leaves Lauren to make some calls. After Theo leaves, Sally comes over to thank Lauren for hiring her. People are so nice here – she’s already feeling at home.

That’s not who I am anymore, Summer denies she’s sneaky etc. You came back to town to spy on me, Kyle thinks that slightly devious. In disbelief that she was starting to forgive Kyle, Summer marches out (leaving him to sigh with regret)

At GCM, Chance in surgery, Abby paces – what if he doesn’t make it? She appreciates Vikki’s support but sends her home to the kids then asks Rey ‘who shot Chance’?

Rey’s sorry – he doesn’t have answers yet but will get to the bottom of it. Abby gets the feeling he knows more than he’s saying. Chance is one of our own – we’ll get justice for him, Rey will keep him in his prayers.

Getting a call from Ashley, Nick can only tell her the same thing he told Victor – Abby doesn’t want everyone flocking to Memorial. He then tells Phyllis that (per Vikki) Chance and Abby got engaged today. It’s supposed to be the best day of her life.

The patient’s last name is Chancellor. Yes, I’m family – on his phone, Adam demands to be transferred to someone with information. Rey arrives at the penthouse – to question him on Chance’s shooting.

At the Estate, Kevin’s taken Miles upstairs when Chloe’s stunned. Chelsea wobbles in gasping for air.