Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

Telling her Mom that there’s no need to come to the hospital, Abby ends the call for Elena’s update – Chance made it through surgery but is in critical condition; all we can do is wait.

Peeking through the curtains, a nervous Chelsea tells Chloe and Kevin that a man abducted her yesterday. She came to in a tiny room in a building outside of town. Chloe’s even more sure that Adam did this.

At the penthouse, Rey detects that Adam’s not shocked to hear that Chance was shot. He’s in surgery so whoever left him with a bullet in his back isn’t facing murder charges – yet. And why is Rey there? The last word Chance said before losing consciousness was ‘Adam’.

Why yes, there is a reason Billy summoned Lily to the office to update her on Chance being shot. Adam’s been implicated – this story is gold.

Abby talks to an unconscious Chance, hoping he can hear her. I love you, she wishes she didn’t leave him to go to a stupid family meeting about Adam. Please, come back to me.

Kevin at her side, Chloe recalls being held in a ‘pleasant’ room by Adam. Chelsea adds that she was drugged by something in a water bottle. She saw something on Adam’s laptop that scared her. Since nothing happened to the Newmans, she’s relieved he didn’t go through with whatever he had planned.

For reasons he can’t understand, Rey believes that Chance is such a loyal friend to Adam that he followed him to that building to stop him from doing something – maybe things got out of hand, he hypothesizes. Where were you tonight? Adam’s not saying anything without a lawyer. OK, Rey will leave but we’re far from done.

Rey calls Sharon to let her know that he just questioned Adam re: Chance’s shooting. He’s still a free man, he warns. No, don’t pick Faith up. It’s best that she steer clear of her usual haunts. Who knows what Adam will do next.

Billy will go to the hospital and see what he can find out. Lily’d rather send one of their actual journalists. Chance is family, Billy points out; denying he’s blinded because of Adam. Don’t do this, Lily’s left to sigh in disappointment (when Billy ignores her wishes and marches off to see that justice is done)

Abby snivels to her partner, her heart – please come back to me.

Billy approaches Abby at GCM – how’s it going? Abby’s trying to figure out what to tell Nina and wondering why Chance was shot outside an abandoned building. The police suspect Adam, Billy shocks her.

Getting text confirmation that the girls are fine and watching movies in the basement, Sharon wonders how Lily knows that Chance has been shot. I’m not fine, she’s worried about Rey (another cop being shot reminds her how dangerous his job is)

Rey’s at the estate (Kevin called him) to inform Chelsea that Adam might have shot Chance. What did you need to meet with him about that was so urgent?

At CL’s, Sharon and Lily have an inspirational heart to heart talk about being cancer survivors.