Wednesday, November 11th, 2020

Chance relays seeing the gun pointed at Adam and reacting out of instinct (like Adam did for me) As the future Mother of Chance’s children, Abby insists he focus on their family. He readily agrees.

Rey’s at the estate to update Chelsea that Adam didn’t shoot Chance. When she no longer seems convinced that Adam was planning an attack on NE and had her kidnapped, Chelsea’s stunned to realize that Rey suspects her.

When Faith arrives at CL’s wanting something greasy to eat, Mariah goes to the kitchen. Sharon says it’d be OK if Faith needed a mental health day off, which irritates Faith – she didn’t feel well this morning. Apologizing for being a brat, she’s just stressed about Adam.

At TGP, Nick reports on his family meeting; Dad’s stubborn, Vikki’s bossy and Adam’s a psychopath. Phyllis has something to say that won’t improve his mood. Nick interrupts – he already knows Adam may have shot Chance. Billy also knows so soon everyone else will too. He needs to see Sharon and figure out how to deal with Faith. Nick again interrupts Phyllis to ask that she return Vikki’s calls.

When Rey returns to the penthouse, a cocky Adam expects an apology. Told that he has an assassin on his tail, Adam jokes about his long list of enemies; you’re going to need a big ole corkboard, lots of pictures and red string. He’s then angered by Rey’s ‘dumbass theory’ that it was Chelsea.

Phyllis will talk to Vikki when she talks to her – she doesn’t work for her, or Nick (and knows what she’s doing running this hotel) Nick doesn’t appreciate being stuck in the middle – deal with it on your own. OK, Phyllis will. Talk to you later, she says as Nick exits.

On the patio, Rey updates Sharon that Adam wasn’t the shooter, he was the target. He can set aside his personal feelings to do his job. Thanks for telling me, Sharon runs inside to grab her purse and leave Faith puzzled by her hasty exit.

Victor’s back at Society to tell Vikki that Adam didn’t shoot Chance. She’s sorry but Adam has lots of enemies and that’s his own fault. Victor knows the darkness in Adam’s soul better than anyone, that’s why he tried to have the intervention. Vikki believes Adam a lost cause and wants her Dad to accept that.

A nervous Chelsea looks out the window then sends Rey a text – I want to go into protective custody. I’ll send someone to pick you up, Rey replies immediately.

Answering his door, Adam stares at Sharon. Sharon stares at Adam.

Drink? No, Sharon can’t stay. If Adam knows who tried to kill him he better tell Rey (who’s risking his life to find out) Adam’s sorry for so many things. He almost went to a place he couldn’t come back from but didn’t do it. Sharon decides it was a mistake coming here – we should keep our distance. Adam agrees – he knows what he needs to do.

Behind TGP bar, Phyllis looks mischievous as she sends a text.

Nick’s with Faith at CL’s to whine that he and Phyllis are getting on each other’s nerves. He then ignores a call from her to focus his undivided attention on Faith.

Her bags packed, Chelsea gasps when she Adam emerges from the shadows in the estate’s living room.

On the phone with her Mom, Abby’s alarmed to find Chance struggling to breathe. Help! I need someone in here! she runs into the hallway.