YR Spoiler; Thursday, November 12th

Chelsea wields a candleholder like a baseball bat – Adam better come up with something better than ‘I’m sorry’ for what he did to her!

Elena tells Abby that Chance has a staph infection. He needs to be isolated to avoid getting another infection. Devastated, Abby looks in through the window at her slumbering fiance.

Running into Amanda at TGP, Devon hopes she found some closure on her trip to see Rose’s former neighbour. No closure, just more questions, Amanda sighs.

At Jabot, Jack asks Kyle about the JVC deal – then notices he’s distracted – talk to me.

Summer accosts Theo at CL’s; what are you and Sally Spectra up to? You’re afraid she’ll catch Kyle’s eye, he sneers. This is about business, Summer insists – why is Sally here? She’s trying to get back in the game, the right way this time, Theo claims.

At Society, Lauren goes over Sally’s job duties as her executive assistant. Yes, it’s true that Fenmore’s is buying Jabot’s fashion division; JVC – why do you ask? Because I’m the perfect person to run it, Sally says with the utmost of confidence.

That would be quite a promotion. Lauren can’t deny that Sally’s overqualified to be her assistant but was this the goal all along? Lauren hates to think she was taken advantage of.

Nadine is sharp as a tack and recognized me as Hilary’s twin right away, Amanda reports. She remembers the day Rose brought the baby home. Since Rose wasn’t our biological Mother, Amanda wonders why she chose to raise Hilary and not her.

Chelsea babbles – were you going to kill your Father? Adam knows his life went off the rails; he’d never forgive himself if something happened to Chelsea. Something DID happen to me! she shuts up when a cop bangs on the door; I’m here to pick you up. Chelsea hisses to Adam that she’s going into protective custody – in need of protection from him. Adam hides as she opens the door to greet the cop.

Unseen, Adam’s relieved when Chelsea tells the cop that she’s changed her mind about going into protective custody – thank you. Closing the door, she continues to blast Adam. He can’t forgive himself for pushing her away – without you I’m lost.

Elena reassures Abby that Chance will recover, just more slowly. Go have something to eat and hopefully, you’ll come back to better news. Nate appears to ask Elena how Chance is doing – then goes to push more paper. You’re still a surgeon, Elena wonders if he still plans to leave town. Nate sees no reason to stick around; he’s lost his cousin, medical career and I can’t have you.

Keep me in the loop, Devon has to get to a meeting he’s late for. Dinner tonight? Amanda can’t – but she’s free tomorrow. One stipulation; no talk of our problems. The evening will be light and upbeat, he promises.

Summer doesn’t trust me – and, no, I don’t still love Lola, Kyle assures his Dad (who doesn’t need convincing) If your love for Summer is real, you’ll do anything to make it work (or regret not trying the rest of your life) When Summer appears, Jack bolts. Are we ever gonna get past this? Kyle asks her.

Sally knows Lauren’s too smart to be taken advantage of – but how could I know about a deal that hasn’t gone public yet? So, how did Sally hear about it? Jack told her. Sally thinks it was meant to be. Lauren’s reminded of someone. My great Aunt? No, me, Lauren jokes – but she already has someone in mind to run JVC (but won’t say who until the deal’s done)

At CL’s, Mariah gives Abby a pep talk and distracts her with wedding talk. Asked to be her maid of honour, Mariah’s surprised – why not Vikki? You’ve been such a good friend to me, Abby explains. Mariah’s thrilled to accept.