Wednesday, November 11th, 2020

No sooner has Vikki told Nick that Abby wants them to update Dad on the latest news, Victor appears – what news? Chance is improving – sorry Daddy, but the police suspect Adam.

Chance awakens – hey beautiful. No, he’s not in pain – I must be on some good stuff. Abby was so scared – the police are questioning Adam. Maybe you can tell them what happened. They think Adam shot me? Chance is surprised – call Rey – I need to talk to him right now.

At the penthouse, Adam sends a text – Get rid of anything from Newman Tower that can be traced to me before leaving town. Covering your tracks? young Adam just wants his older self to stop hurting people. Old Adam wishes he’d listened.

Mariah drops by CL’s to check on her Mom. Sharon’s more worried about Faith (who’s off school due to sickness; maybe stressed from her run-in with Adam) Why would he shoot the only friend he has? No, Adam didn’t seem off – he talked about putting the past behind him, Sharon worries that Faith might be affected in ways she doesn’t even realize yet.

Phyllis is on the phone. No, don’t give it to Vikki – I’ll sign off on it. Talk soon, she hangs up and approaches Faith (head in her hands sitting on a park bench) She doesn’t feel well so took the day off school and got woozy on her way to see her Mom. The fresh air’s helping, Faith declines a ride and tries to get rid of Phyllis (who’s unaware that Jordan’s lurking in the background)

No need to call Dad, he’s in a meeting with grandpa and Aunt Vic – my parents know I’m off school sick, Faith will go to CL’s and promises to call Phyllis if she needs anything. After Phyllis reluctantly leaves, Jordan teases Faith about being a lightweight drinker and decides to skip school the rest of the day. She skedaddles when Phyllis reappears with a bottle of water for Faith. You’re not going anywhere, we need to talk.

Victor doesn’t get why Vikki (or anyone else) would believe Billy Boy Abbott’s claim that Adam’s suspected of shooting Chance. Why would he do that? Nick chimes in to add that Chelsea was kidnapped. Neither he nor Vikki have any firsthand knowledge but it fits Adam’s pattern. Refusing to speculate, Victor exits. He’ll always rush to Adam’s defense, Nick’s left to gripe to his sister.

Hell of a first week on the job, Rey jokes with Chance – who assures him that Adam’s not the bastard who shot him. He saw a gun aimed at Adam and took the bullet for him.

Chance will tell Rey that I didn’t shoot him, Adam’s sure – I deleted everything off the laptop – the texts can’t be traced, he prattles on to his younger self – then remembers; Chelsea. She’ll never trust me again.

Chelsea must be traumatized, Nick suspects Adam needed to stop her from doing something. He and Vikki hope she testifies against him; how ironic if she’s the one to put Adam away. Vikki then tattles that Phyllis isn’t returning her calls. If this deal falls apart, it’s on her. OK, Nick will talk to her.

Back at the park, Phyllis knows a hangover when she sees one. Was Faith partying with that girl? No party – we had one drink, Faith seems astounded when Phyllis guesses they refilled Jordan’s parents’ vodka bottle with water. She can’t promise not to tell Nick; he deserves to know (but seems swayed by Faith’s pleading)

At CL’s, Rey updates Paul. Since Adam was the intended target it might be easier to come up with a list of people who don’t want to kill him. Paul might have a potential witness to Chelsea’s kidnapping. Victor appears to learn that Adam’s no longer a suspect. He’s also told that these slanderous rumours he wants them to correct should be the least of Adam’s problems – he was the target.

Victor’s now alone with Paul; who assures that he wants whoever shot Chance off the streets as much as Victor does. You and your family could be in danger. Chelsea suspects Adam had her abducted because she saw schematics of NE on his laptop with a specific area marked. She reached out to Chance before being kidnapped. Paul’s sorry, he knows what it’s like to have a troublesome son. Victor wants his team to join Paul’s in sweeping the building and will do whatever he can to save his family.